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LIVE IPL: Kolkata Knight Riders v/s Chennai Super Kings:Robin Uthappa and Shakib Hasan powers Kolkata to an eight wicket win over Chennai

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 - 7:14pm IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: dna webdesk

Venue: Kolkata

Start Time: 8 pm IST

This should be a cracker of a match. Kolkata Knight Riders, after a poor start to the IPL, have managed to win four games in a row and are firmly perched at number 4. Chennai Super Kings have been as good as ever in this tournament, notching up 8 wins in 11 games, and sitting at number 2 just behind the rampaging Punjab.

For Kolkata, this is a very crucial game. 6 wins out of 11 means that a loss would push them into a situation in which they have to win both their remaining games and then hope for net run rates to go their way.

For Chennai, a loss will not be disastrous but a win will take them closer to finishing in the top 2, thus averting the Eliminators.

Kolkata have been very good chasing after that shock collapse five games ago. Gautam Gambhir has regained form and Utthappa is in hot form as well. The middle order however, is a bit shaky. Yusuf Pathan in particular had been out of touch and has just regained some of it in the last game. Manish Pandey is struggling, slowing down the scoring rate.

Kolkata have been saved because their bowlers restricted the opposition to under 150 in three successive games. The top order has already done much and now it is upto the middle order to show their potential.

Chennai do not have many problems, but they might struggle if tied down by Sunil Narine and Co. They tend to struggle on slower wickets, just as they did in the last game. 

Kolkata might opt to chase if they win the toss, and Chennai might want to bat first, so it's a win-win situation. This takes the toss out of the equation for both teams.

19:51 IST Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kolkata Knight Riders have won the toss and predictably, they will bowl first


20:10 IST Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dwayne Smith and BB McCullum open the innings

Chennai 5/0 after the first over

OUT! Pat Cummins gets Dwayne Smith, he has been bowled

Suresh Raina comes in

That's a wicket maiden from Cummins. Chennai 5/1 after 2 overs

Sorry for the outage, Chennai are 44/1 after 7.3 overs

20:36 IST Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Chennai have reached 50 in 8 overs

Time Out

CSK 55/1 (9) Raina 23*- McCullum 26*

Chennai have been put on to bat first, lost Smith early on, since then Raina and McCullum have steadied the innings, Shakib and Umesh Yadav have bowled 3 overs each, Cummins 2 and Narine 1

Raina's strike rate against Sunil Narine is 210


Piyush Chawla to bowl now

no run, googly from Chawla

at halfway stage Chennai are 59/1, Raina and McCullum have steadied the innings but their scorinf rate is below 6 runs per over, they need to take it on from here , anything around 150-160 will be a good score on this track, which has lot to offer for bowlers

CSK's average score in 10 overs in this years IPL is 75

Narine into his second over

OUT, NARINE'S THE MAN ! carrom ball from Narine, going the other way, McCullum looks to hit that one staright over bowler's head, gets a leading edge, ball goes up miles into the orbit before being caught by Yadav at long on, out for 28

Du Plesis is the new man


Am i watching a test match, KKR using a slip and a silly mid-off for Chawla, how often you get to see this field in T-20 game

SIX, flighted, Raina using his feet and smashing that one over midwicket, that went 5 rows back, 86 metres

CSK 71/2 (12) Raina 34*- Du Plesis 3* Run rate: 5.91

Pat Cummins is back

Oh boy, he's is hitting the deck really hard here, he's been expressive tonight, touching 150 k's per hour

KKR is doing a really good job by restricting CSK to only singles, boundaries are hard to find, they are just going at around 6 runs per over, to achieve a good total they need to score atleast 10 runs per over from here now

FOUR, slower one onto the leg side, Faf uses his hands and softly guides that one to the fine leg boundary

20:59 IST Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Time Out


Chawla to continue

SIX, RAINA BREAKS THE SHACKLE ! flighted on the middle, Raina using his feet hits that one right over the bowler's head

SIX, same length from Chawal, Raina this goes towards the midwicket boundary, he mistimes his shot but still it has enough power to cross the rope

FOUR, this time quicker around off stump, and Raina gently guides it between point and short third man fielder, Raina gets to his half century

19 runs from that over, this has been the most expensive 14th over in this year's IPL

Raina has been a consistent performer for CSK

CSK 99/2 (14) Raina 52*- Faf 13*

21:08 IST Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Narine bowls

Full on middle, pushed down to long on for a single, 100 comes up for CSK


Shakib into his last over

FOUR, Faf skips down the track and hits it straight down the ground, this partnership has now crossed 50 runs

SIX, Mishit from Raina but still it has enough power to clear the ropes, straight down the ground, Pandey at long off tries to catch, gets a hand to it, but fails to catch and lands inside the boundary

CSK 120/2 (16) Raina 63*- Faf 22* Run rate: 7.50

Run Out, Faf is gone, plays towards midwicket and tries to take on Chawla, who has enough time and shies directly at the stumps, gone for 23

Dhoni is the new man in


Chawla now

FOUR, half tracker from Chawla, gets the treatement from Dhoni, that went like a tracer bullet towards long leg

OUT, Chawla gets Raina, quicker from Raina, who looks to carve him on the on side, doesn't quite time it, gets the height and not the distance, finds Doeschate at deep midwicket, a very good innings from rain a comes to an end 65 from 52

Sir Jadeja is the new man

CSK 134/4 (18) Dhoni 11*- Jadeja 0*

Narine to bowl his last over

SIX, full on middle, Jadeja slogs and sends it towering towards the midwicket boundary, that went a long way

The crowd is chanting Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni ...so much support for him in Kolkata

Umesh Yadav to bowl the final over

SIX, HAMMERED ! short on the body, Dhoni pulls that one towards deep sqaure leg, it went like a flash

that's 150 for Chennai

Good comeback from Yadav, peach of a yorker, swinging in

NO-BALL- Height , full toss above waist height, MSD tries to hit that one, gets an edge and it caught at third man

Its not a free hit

12 runs off the over

CSK 154/4 in 20 overs, Dhoni 21*- Jadeja 9*

154, though it isn't a big score but it is not one of those typical IPL pitches, it's difficult to chase this one, Raina achored the innings with a brilliant innings, at one stage they were looking to score around 175 when Raina went on, but Kolkata did well in containing them.

KKR have previosly chased well in previous 4 innings, can they do it tonight, all eyes will be on Robin Uthappa once again

Join us in a few mins


Uthappa and Gauti to open the innings, Hilfenhaus with the new ball

FOUR, that's the short from the man in form, outside off stump, just pushes it towards the cover, Uthappa is class

DROPPED, edge and straight to Ashwin at slip, where he has put down a sitter, he is livid

FOUR, swinging in, Uthappa clips it over midwicket

Ishwar Pandey 

FOUR, offers width, Uthappa punches that down to extra cover

FOUR, Uthappa is htiitng it here, played with soft hands towards third man for four, jsut using the pace of the bowler

Uthappa has seven 40+ score in this year's IPL, most by any batsman


KKR 21/0 (2) Uthappa 20*- Gambhir 0* Required rate: 7.44

Mohit Sharma comes into the attack

FOUR, superb from Uthappa, he's middling it here, four on the offside

FOUR, edged it this time, travels between the slip and the wicket keeper for four

FOUR, Gauti this time, off the mark with a beautiful flashy drive thorough the covers

Ishwar Pandey

very good over from him just 2 runs from it

Uthappa's strike rate 1st innings : 112.84 his strike rate in 2nd innings: 130.01 (since 2011 IPL)

KKR 36/0 (4) Uthappa 30*- Gauti 5* Required rate 7.43

22:09 IST Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Hilfenhaus back ino the attack

CSK's success rate is 57% when defending 150 par totals in IPL, the best for any team

Uthappa dances dwon the track looking to swing hard, misses, being too ambitious it seems

FOUR, this is good shot, on the pads, Uthappa just glances through the midwicket, runs away for four

Spin for CSK, Ashwin comes to bowl inside powerplay, his overs will be very crucial

FOUR, Robin is at the top of his game, round the wicket, on to pads, Uthappa sweeps it to fine leg boundary, 50 up for KKR

KKR 52/0 (6) Uthappa 41*- Gauti 10*

103 runs required from 14 overs

Pandey continues

FOUR, width offer and Gauti accepts it, crunching cover drive from the skipper

Gambhir's average against pace: 24.21 against spin: 55.90 (since 2011 IPL)

FOUR, round the wicket, short outside off, Gambhir sqaure cuts it amazingly to the boundary, no chance for the third man fielder to stop that one


OUT, change of angle for Ishwar Pandey, length delivery, Gambhir looks to heave that one over onside, gets an inside egde and onto the stumps, gone for 21

Manish Pandey comes at no. 3


KKR 69/1 (8) Uthappa 45*- Pandey 1*

86 runs required from 72 balls

Jadeja comes now

FOUR, Uthappa guides it past the keeper using the pace, that 50 for Uthappa

Time out

22:36 IST Tuesday, 20 May 2014


SIX, Pandey slogs that one high and over the fielder, for a maximum

KKR 88/1 (10) Uthappa 54*- Pandey 9*

67 required from 60 balls 

Well its all too easy for KKR now, Chennai needs wickets, quick wickets ath this moment, unless there's no chance of them coming back into the game,KKR is cruising

Ishwar Pandey into his last over

FOUR, around middle and leg, Uthappa shuffles and whips it across midwicket, sheer class

Jadeja now

OUT, Uthappa looks to go inside out, finds long off, what an incredible innings from him comes to an end, 61 off 37 balls

Chennai finds the breakthrough, but still KKR in a commanding position, they need a few more

Shakib al Hasan comes out to bat

KKR 99/2 (12) Shakib 1*- Pandey 6*

56 required from 48 balls

Jadeja relishes bowling against KKR, his economy rate is 6.14 against them (since 2011 IPL)

SIX, Shakib loves playing this shot, on middle, picks it up and slogs it towards the long leg into the crowd

KKR 112/2 (14) Shakib 11*- Pandey 9*

43 required from 36 balls


Ashiwn into his last over

FOUR, cheeky, lap sweep from Shakib, cleverly done there, plays it fine to the fine leg fence

36 runs required from 30 balls

Raina inserted into the attack

FOUR, slowish, Shakib using his feet nicely and plays straight over the bowlers head, as straight as you like

DROPPED ! short, hit hard from Pandey, McCullum at midwicket drops that one, you gotta take those

KKR 128/2 (16) Shakib  22*- Pandey 14*

27 required from 24 balls

Time Out



22:57 IST Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hilfenhaus brought back into the attack

SIX, slower ball and he does a ABD, shuffles and flicks it to fine leg

FOUR, slower ball and this time Shakib hits it towards sqaure leg, poor effort from the fielder 

FOUR, fuller this time on off, Shakib has pummled tha one towards covers, he is in a hurry

10 required from 18 balls

Mohit Sharma now

FOUR, using the angle, and hammering it towards fine leg, what an innings he is playing here tonight

Indeed, Mr. Raza !

FOUR, and this seals for KKR, Shakib has powered KKR to a victory, staright down the ground 

What an innings Shakib has played 46 off just 21 balls

Kolkata 156/2 in 18 overs, win the match by eight wickets (Shakib 46*, Pandey 18*)

That's 5 wins in a row for KKR, they are cruising in the IPL


What an incredible innings from Shakib al Hasan late down the order as Kolkata register a maginifecent victory over Chennai. KKR came out to bat and 155 was never a tough target for them, and the Man in form Uthappa gave them another prolific start they Kolkata required, and then contributions from Gambhir and Manish Pandey steered them easily. Chennai have to be blamed themsleves, they were poor in the field, dropped a few catches, misfields and their bowlers failed to provide the breakthroughs.

Robin Uthappa is the Man of the Match

Final Score: Kolkata Knight Riders 156/2 in 18 overs (Robin Uthappa 67- I. Pandey 1/31) beat Chennai Super Kings 154/4 in 20 overs (Suresh Raina 65- Sunil Narine 1/24) by eight wickets














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