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Live IPL: Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab: Punjab beat Delhi by four wickets, remain table-toppers

Monday, 19 May 2014 - 7:50pm IST | Place: New Delhi

  • It might be a dead-rubber, but all eyes will be on Maxwell for some entertainment dna

Welcome to the live coverage of the match between Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab, its the top-versus-bottm match at the Feroze Shah Kotla in New Delhi

Punjab have won the toss and they will bowl first

For Punjab Hendericks is in for Mitchell Johnson 

Delhi have made four changes, Parnell, Shami, Vijay and Unadkat are in place of Ross taylor, Rahul Shukla, Shahbaz Nadeem and Siddharth Kaul

Head to Head: Played 12 : KXIP 7-5 DD


Delhi Daredevils: M. Vijay, K. Pieterson (c), M. Agarwal, D. Karthik (wk), J.P. Dumniy, M. Tiwari, K. Jadhav, W. Parnell, I. Tahir, M. Shami, J. Unadkat

Kings XI Punjab: V. Sehwag, M. Vohra, W. Saha (wk), G. Maxwell, D. Miller, G. Bailey (c), A. Patel, B. Hendericks, S. Sharma, R. Dhawan, S. Sharma

Sandeep Sharma will open the bowling while KP and Murali Vijay open the batting for Delhi

Play !

FOUR, Outswinger and gorgoeous drive from Vijay past covers

Beuran Hendericks to share the new ball

FOUR, short stuff from Hendericks, KP pulls that one towards midwicket

DD 11/0 (2) KP 6*- Vijay 5* Run-rate: 5.50

Sandeep Sharma economy in UAE: 5.64 and in India : 9.81 , so he is clearly struggling in India

OUT, short from Sandeep Sharma, Vijay pulls that one, gets a top edge and Hendericks at deep sqaure boundary takes a well-judged catch near the rope, Delhi lose their first wicket, Vijay gone for 5

Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman

20:17 IST Monday, 19 May 2014



FOUR, losener from Sharma, KP plants his front foot forward and hammers it throught the point

Hendericks to continue

FOUR,SMACK ! KP is having a good night, he flays it between cover and point

FOUR, width offered, KP sways the bat gets a thick edge and ball races towards the third man boundary

SIX, Short from the bowler, KP pulls that one, gets a top edge and ball clears the deep sqaure leg boundary, lucky for him that it didn't fetch the same result like of Vijay

DD 38/1 (4) KP 30*- DK 0* Run rate: 9.25



Agreed, and it looks like that finally the old KP, that we know of , the world know of has arrived, though it's been very late in the tournament, but entertainment is one thing from which you can't take your eyes off in IPL

Sandeep Sharma into his thrid over

SIX, DK JOINS THE PARTY ! length ball from Sharma, DK goes down on one knee and picks it from off stump and sends it roaring towards the long leg boundary 

Slow left arm- Akshar Patel into the attack 

FOUR, short, wide, cut away in front of point

End of powerplay, this is Delhi's highest score in first six over's in this year's IPL

DD 55/1 (6) KP 32*- DK 14* Run rate:9.16

Rishi Dhawan into the attack

FOUR, BEAUTIFULLY PLAYED ! length ball around off, KP goes back inside the crease and slaps it towards the point

FOUR, EVEN BETTER ! full around off stump, KP presses it forward and drills it through extra cover boundary 

KP strike rate against fat bowlers is 121 and against spin 144, so he prefers playing spin (since 2011 IPL)

DD 71/1 (8) KP 45*- DK 17* Run rate: 8.87

Time Out


Tweets are poruing in for KP


Rishi Dhawan

FOUR,  short and wide, DK cuts it towards the point boundary

2000 IPL RUNS FOR DINESH KARTHIK ! Congratulations

Dinesh Karthik is the 16th batsman to cross the mark of 2000 runs in IPL

Shivam Sharma inserted into the attack

KP's top score in this year's IPL was 35, he has broken his best, on 49* now

DD 84/1 (10) KP 49*- DK 26* Run rate: 8.40

OUT, BOWLED ! KP misses his half century by 1 run, ball turns from the leg stump, KP looking to play straight, ball spins away and beats the outside edge as it crashes onto the middle and off, a great delivery to dismiss a great batsman, gone for 49

JP Duminy is the new batsman

what an over, wicket and a maiden, how often you get to see this in IPL

JP's average against Kings XI Punjab is 15, the worst against any team

DD 92/2 (12) DK 32*- JP 2* run rate: 7.66

Rishi Dhawan bowls

FOUR, short of length ball outside off, Karthik steadies and thumps it past point

That's 100 for Delhi Daredevils in 13.1 overs

DD have slowed down a bit after the wicket of KP

Only singles are coming now

DD 104/2 (14) JP 9*- DK 39* Run rate: 7.42

Dhawan into his last over

FOUR, short on middle stump, JP pulls it towards the fine leg boundary

SIX, full angling in, DK chips it over the bowler's head straight into the sight screen

FOUR, BANG ! drops short, Karthik rocks back and pulls it towards the midwikcet boundary, that's 50 runs for Karthik

17 runs coming from that over

Now, Shivam Sharma into the last over of his spell

FOUR, full on middle, Karthik goes on one knee and sweps it over midwicket for four

SIX, Karthik is taking on the bowlers here, dances down the track and hits it straight over bowler's head

DD 134/2 (16) JP 15*- DK 61* Run rate: 8.37

Time Out


21:14 IST Monday, 19 May 2014

How much can Delhi score in last 5 overs, with Maxwell and Miller in Punjab's ranks, they should be aiming to somewhere near 180-200

Hendericks comes back

OUT,  low full toss, JP tries to heave that one out of the park, but only manages to find Maxwell on long-on boundary, out for 17

Kedhar Jadhav is the news batsman out in the middle

Sandeep Sharma comes back into the attack

OUT, Maxwell is everywhere, length ball from the bowler, it was there to be hit, but Jadhav hits it only as far as deep midwicket, where Maxwell takes a simple catch, out for 0

Mayank Agarwal comes in

SIX, UP AND OVER ! lenght ball over the wicket, Mayank makes it room and crisply times it over the cover boundary

OUT, full on leg stump, Mayank going for the reverse sweep, misses and loses his timber, gone for 6

Manoj Tiwary comes out

DD 155/5 (18) Tiwary 4*- DK 69*

OUT, wickets tumbling here, slower ball from Hendericks out side off, DK looks to pull, doesn't get any power and is caught at deep sqaure leg, DK perishes at 69

Wayne Parnell now

OUT, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST ! Maxwell takes another catch and this time its a screamer. Fuller length on off, Parnell hits towards long off, Maxwell pouches the catch but the ball comes out of his hands, he quickly reacts to take the catch with his right hand, Parnell gone for 2


From 140/2 to 164/7, Delhi lost 5 wickets in last 12 balls

Delhi Daredevils 164/7 in 20 overs



From 140/2 in 16 overs to 164/7 in 20 overs, this sums up the scenario of Delhi Daredevils in this entire IPL, they have had starts but failed to make a mark, earlier after being put onto bat first Kevin Pietersen and Dinesh Karthik's blizzard propelled the Delhi's score, at one stage they  were cruising but a good come back from Punjab bowlers to restrict them to a less destructive total, though 164 is really good on this track but they could have got more, with the likes of Maxwell and Miller in Punjba's batting line-up, this is a very small score, but Delhi will do their best to make a game out of this one.


Here comes KINGS XI Openers Sehwag and Vohra, Wayne Parnell to bowl the first over

Delhi's win percentage when defending 160-180 totals is 50% (lost 3 won 3)

Sehwag has breathtaking strike at this venue of 163.81 (since 2011 IPL)

Vohra's average against spinners: 13.50 and agaisnt pacers: 30.80 (sicne 2011 IPL) 

Mohd. Shami to share the new ball from the other end

FOUR, SEH-WHACK ! back off a length around off, Viru camps back and punches over the cover fielder

FOUR, length ball outside off, Sehwag guides it with lose hands past first slip for four

KXIP 18/0 (2) Sehwag 11*- Vohra 2* Required rate: 8.11

22:02 IST Monday, 19 May 2014


FOUR, ELEGANCE ! full outside off from Parnell, Vohra leans into the drive past covers for four, top quality shot

SIX,  on length around off-stump, asking to be hit, Vohra slaps that one over long-off

FOUR, Vohra is getting boundaries everywhere, this time its towards fine leg, short and Vohra looks to heave over midwicket, gets an inside edge

16 runs from the over

A win tonight for Punjab will take them above Chennai Super Kings in the points table

SIX, INCREDIBLE ! bakc off a length, Vohra stands back and richotes it over the covers

SIX, SHEER CLASS ! this one is down the ground, hit over bowler's head

KXIP is on a roll ! Vohra is doing what we usually see from Maxwell down the order

Bowling change for Delhi, Unadkat comes in

DROPPED, Sehwag mistimes his shot in the air behind bowler, Imran Tahir runs back from mid on gets to the ball but can't hold on the catch, they take two runs

50 up for Punjab in 5 overs, they are cruising 

KXIP 55/0 (5) Vohra 33*- Sehwag 14* Req.rate: 7.33

FOUR, short outside off from Shami, Vohra steers it past the short third man

FOUR, fetches a length ball from outside off over the midwicket

KXIP 66/0 (6) Vohra 42*- Sehwag 15* Req.rate: 7.07

Time Out

Spin is introduced for the first time, Imran Tahir comes to bowl

OUT, Imran Tahir does the trick, Vohra beign aggressive looks to hit Tahir out of park, but holes out at long off, well played innings of 42 comes to an end

In comes the dangerman, Glenn Maxwell 

He's the man that crowd is here to see

SIX, he delivers, takes Tahir from off stump, plays against spin and launches it over long on for a maximum

Oh boy ! Maxwell has arrived

22:30 IST Monday, 19 May 2014


Duminy comes into the attack

SIX, SEHWAG JOINS MAXWELL SHOW !  length ball outside off, clubbed over covers for a six

OUT, DUMINY HAS THE LAST LAUGH ! same ball, Sehwag taking the same aerial route but this time finds the fielder at sweeper cover

KXIP 85/2 (8) Maxwell 10*- Miller 0*

80 runs required from 12 overs

The dangerous duo Maxwell and Miller is on the crease now

Maxwell's strike rate while chasing is 183.94 in the IPL

OUT, BOWLED ! The dangerman departs, Imran Tahir googly does it, Maxwell is foxed Tahir is jubiliant 

Saha is the news batsman


OUT, ANOTHER BIG WICKET ! Miller lloking to play down the ground, misses and the ball crashes into his leg stump, suddenly Kings XI are crashing 

KXIP 95/4 (10) Patel 1*- Saha 1*

Bailey holidng himself here, sends Akshar Patel before him



Here's Unadkat

FOUR,  short and wide outside off, Unadkat gets the treatment from Akshar Patel

That's 100 for Punjab

Kings XI have the best average strike rate in an IPL season- 153.74

KXIP 107/4 (12) Saha 4*- Patel 9*

Required 58 runs from 48 balls


22:59 IST Monday, 19 May 2014

FOUR, flighted outside off from Duminy, Saha stretches and connects it well towards the point 

KXIP 121/4 (14) Saha 13*- Patel 13*

44 runs required from 36 balls

Shami now, to bowl his last over

FOUR, Shami continues to sway his line, short outside off, and thumped behind point for four

OUT, yorker and Saha drives it straight to the cover, a soft dismissal in the end, Shami picks up his lone wicket on the last ball of his spell

38 runs required from 30 balls

Skipper Bailey comes in 

Wayne Parnell into the attack

FOUR, short ball, Patel carves it behind backward point

FOUR, toe-crushing yorker from Parnell, it hits on the boot and runs down towards the third man for four, all these are valuable runs for Punjab

FOUR MORE ! on the pads, Patel helps it towards the fine leg boundary

KXIP 139/5 (16) Bailey 0*- Patel 30*

26 required from 24 balls

Imran Tahir comes to bowl his 2 overs, can he do the magic for Delhi?

Good tight over from him, just 5 runs off it

21 required from 18 balls

Unadkat into his last over

SIX, full toss outside off, Patel has thumped that one over long -off, a huge six

KXIP 154/5 (18) Patel 39*- Bailey 6*

11 runs required from 12 balls

In reference to Akshar Patel's master cameo

Imran Tahir to bowl his last over, what can he do?

OUT, HE DOES ! Googly to Bailey, who swings around, mistimes his shot and Jadhav at deep sqaure leg takes a well judged catch, Bailey gone for 6, 


Rishi Dhawan is the new batsman

9 required off 8 balls

What an excelllent over , just 2 runs from it and a wicket, Tahir completes his magical figures 4-0-22-3

9 runs reuqired from 6 balls

Tahir has given some hope to Delhi, can they sneak a win here, Parnell to bowl the last over

Good for Punjab is that Akshar Patel is still batting


FOUR, Parnell drags it short and Dhawan pulls away to midwicket and score the winning runs

KXIP 165/6 win by 4 wickets in 19.4 overs (Patel 42*- Dhawan 8*)

KXIP have sealed a spot in the play offs


Delhi daredevils fought hard and pushed the table toppers into the last over, after some excellent bowling from Imran Tahir, Manan Vohra gave Kings XI a flying start but they stuttered in the middle by losing quick wickets. However, Akshar Patel came and anchored the chase at the right time, and in the end Punjab managed to defeat Delhi, who lost their 7th game in a row, their poor season just got worse. 

Akshar Patel is the Man of the Match

Final Score: Kings XI Punjab 165/6 in 19.4 overs (A. Patel 42* - Imran Tahir 3/22) beat Delhi Daredevils 164/7 in 20 overs (Dinesh Karthik 69- Sandeep Sharma 3/35) by 4 wickets

That's all, this is Uzair Hasan Rizvi, signing off, have a good night !

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