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Kings XI Punjab v/s Sunrisers Hyderabad- Kings XI Punjab beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 72 runs

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 - 8:11pm IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: dna webdesk

  • Glenn Maxwell- The man to watch out for

Hello and Welcome to the coverage of the game between Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Sharjah

Kings XI have made tow changes, Rishi Dhawan and S. Sharma comes in for Murali Karthik and P. Awana

While for Hyderabad, Irfan Pathan replaces I. Sharma

Sunrisers lost their first game, while Kings XI are coming in with a big wins in their back, thanks to Maxwell and Miller.

How will Hyderabad contain the duo of Maxwell and Miller

Sunrisers have won the toss and they opt to field

KXIP and SRH head to head. 2 games - KXIP 2-0 SRH

KXIP - C. Puajara, V. Sehwag. G. Maxwell, D. Miller, G. Bailey (c), M. Johnson, A. Patel, W. Saha (wk), L. Balaji, R. Dhawan, S. Sharma

SRH - A. Finch, S. Dhawan (c), D. Warner, V. Rao, L. Rahul, D. Sammy, I. Pathan, K. Sharma, D. Steyn, A. Mishra, B. Kumar



Pujara and Sehwag open the innings for Kings XI

Steyn steaming in ..

SIX, short from Pathan and Viru pulls it over sqaure leg for a maximum 

FOUR, similar length and similar result, but only for a four this time

FOUR, Pathan pitches around off this time, Sehwag punches towards mid-off

SIX, This time, Bhuvneshwar Kumar get wrong and Viru sends it over fine leg boundary

Sehwag looking in good touch today

KINGS XI 26/0 (4) Sehwag 23*- Pujara 3*


FOUR, slwoer one, Pujara muscles it towards wide long on

FOUR, fuller this time, but Pujara lofts him over mid-on. He is taking on the world's best bowler

Another FOUR, clever from Pujara, on the middle, he shuffles and sweeps it towards the fine leg boundary, the fielder was in the circle.

How often you see Steyn getting hit all over the par

Time for some spin, after fast bowlers have been hammered 

Karan Sharma now

APPEAL for Caught-behind, no says the umpire, Viru misses his flick and keeper collects it, it looked that ball hit the pad there, no bat involved

FOUR, neatly done, floated on middle, Pujara sweeps and sweeps very bisecting the two fielders on the leg.

Mohali off to an impressive start, they lacked an opening stand and now is what they have

Spin maestro Amit Mishra to bowl now

SIX, SEH-WHACKKK !!! Tossed up, Sehwag gets under and it lofts it towards long-on for a biggie 

OUT, good comeback from Mishra, tosses up again, slighlty wider, Sehwag lookes to heave to the on-side from outside off, get's it high but doesn't get the same distance, SAmmy takes it on long-on. Punjab lose their first wicket.

Now comes the danger man MAXWELL !

Sehwag and Pujara shared the opening stand of 51 runs

Hyderabad would be hoping to see the back of Maxwell as early as possible, other wise he might take this score to anywhere

Kings XI 62/1 (9) Maxwell 2*- Pujara 22*

20:37 IST Tuesday, 22 April 2014

SIX, Maxwell slogs this one hard, fuller from Karan Sharma, Maxwell slogs it towards deep midwicket, oh boy ! he loves doing that

DROPPED, Warner has given MAxwell a life, I repeat- David Warner drops the catch of Maxwell, well, this was a sitter, you don't drop Maxwell. Very costly drop

Darren Sammy to bowl now

OUT, He takes a wicket, removes Pujara, another patient innings from Pujara comes to and end, who looked to slog the shorter one as hard as possible, but only could as far as deep midwicket

Who comes in to join MAxwell, no guessing- partner in crime- David Miller

The M&M duo is on the crease, Hyderabad should start worrying now

Amit Mishra to bowl to Maxwell

SIX, tosses up worng 'un, Maxwell carts it away to the leg boundary

SIX, Another one- Mishra once again is fuller, Maxwell once again dispatches in the same region

SIX-THREE IN A ROW ! Maxwell can't get over with his slog-seeping 

SIX- NOW Miller Murders him, fullish and Miller hits it straight towards the sight-screen.

25 runs coming from Mishra's over  Mishra has an economy rate of 9 against KXIP.

Look at Warner's face, he must be kicking himself for dropping Maxwell

Kings XI 123/2 (13) Maxwell 47*- Miller 7*

SIX, That's a half century for Maxwell in just 21 balls

FOUR, magnificent, full on middle, Maxwell powers it between Mid on and midwicket

FOUR, MAXWELL REVERSES ! reverse sweep is comes in this game, Sharma bowls full Maxwll adjusts himself to hit that one towards point

21:09 IST Tuesday, 22 April 2014

SIX, MAXWELL IS MURDERING SUNRISERS HERE ! Full toss from Sammy, Maxwell hits that one over deepsquare leg. Not the right length to bowl to him

FOUR, tries full and wide this time, Maxwell will hit you everywhere, Sunrisers having no idea where to bowl him, he is hitting it everywhere

Partenrship is worth 68 runs in just 24 balls

Kings XI 152/2 (15) Maxwell 72*- Miller 19*

How many more runs will Kings XI score from here, is 200 a possiblity?

OUT, Warner holds it this time, Miller whacks length ball towards long off, staright to the fielder. Bhuvi gets the wicket

Captain George Bailey comes in

Good over from Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, just 3 runs and a wicket, it's like gold in these circumstances


Fast and furious from Steyn, full and moves away, Maxwell swings hard, doesn't get any connection

FOUR, this time he does, Maxwell smartly guides this one towards third man, Steyn is furious ..

Maxwell on 80 now, 38 runs have come towards the mid-wicket region, and total 68 runs out of 80 have come on the leg side, Hyderabad have been bowling to him at his strong zone and he has made full use of it today

Maxwell is in form of his life- Third innings and he is playing a blinder here, Sharjah must be loving their new BOOM BOOM !

SIX, BOOM BOOM MAXWELL ! Now he is taking the ball from outside off towards leg, full outisde off and he slams it over the long on boundary

SIX, Mishra is getting the treatment today, same line and length from Mishra and Maxwell this time punches over the long-off fence

Maxwell on 95 now, can he get to his century today, having missed it the last time.

OUT, commentator curse, He is out again on 95, twice is succession. Maxwell looks to go over deep cover this time, but finds Sammy at point,finnaly persihes on his weak zone, the off-side, but what a sizzling innings from Maxwell, gets a stading applause from his team-mates. Pure entertainment, 95 runs from 43 balls with 5 fours and 9 sixes.

Steyn to bowl the second last over of the innings

What an over just 4 runs from it, in this situaton, he makes a strong comeback, after being hammered in first two over, he finishes his spell 4-0-26-0, wicketless though.

Bhuvi to bowl the last over

FOUR, high full toss, Bailey gets a top edge, ball runs down to the third man boundary.

OUT, fuller and on middle, Bailey looks to clear the boundary, gets caught at long on

Last bowl coming up

OUT, another one bites the dust, Buvi gets full and it shatters Mitchell Johnson's middle stump.

Kings XI Punjab score 193/6 in 20 overs

It's hard to judge who will be the happier team now, KXIP got off to a good start, Sehwag clicked today and then came KXIP flambuoyant Maxwell, who went berserk, played a wild innings striking the ball at a rate of 220, at that point it looked like KXIP will score more than 200, but a good comeback from the bowlers in the end, a few wickets and Sunrisers gave away just 41 runs in last 5 overs, something for them to cheer about.

Amit Mishra, though picked 2 important wickets, but was blasted for 56 runs in 2 overs, Pathan came for this game, bolwed just 2 overs and gave away 28 runs. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar bowled exceptionally well, 19 runs and 3 wickets.

Sunrisers have a mammoth task to chase, having laready lost the opening game, they will look to win this one, with 194 to chase, they need their top order to fire today.


21:49 IST Tuesday, 22 April 2014

CHASE BEGINS ! Sunrisers needs to score at 9.5 rpo to chase this target.

Dhawan and Aaron Finch open for Sunrisers, Sandeep Sharma to bowl with new ball.

SRH have only chased a maximum of 132 agaist KKR in their short IPL tenure, they need to break this record tonight

SIX, WHAT A START ! Finch provides a perfect start, Sharma bowls fuller and Finch lifts it easily over the staright boundary, effortless

Mitchell Johnson will start the proceedings from the other end.

OUT, STRIKE ! Captain Dhawan is gone, a big early blow to SRH. Dhawan looks to cut away close from the body, was nowehere is a comfortable position, gets a faint edge. Johnson is ecstatic  

Out comes Warner

David Warner has a batting strike rate of just 113 in the pwerplay, not upto his standards, perhaps he should bat down the order. (Since 2011 IPL)

FOUR, that oozed class. Fullish on off, Finch leans into the drive and times it to perfection on the covers for four

SRH 16/1 (2) Finch 13*- Warner 1*

One of the batsman among these two needs to play a long innings if SRH are to win this one

KXIP bowling has not been good, thanks to Maxwell that they have chased big scores but their bowlers have conceded a lot of runs, Can SRH capitalize on this.

FOUR, on the pads from Sharma, Warner tucks the ball square of the fine leg fielder

I feel that SRH have spend too much on the bowlers this time, though it didn't appear that way today, but yes, their bowling department look more better than the batting, they should have gone for one more T20-specialist, a more consistent batsman.

NO-BALLfrom Johsnon, Overstepped and FREE HIT !

FOUR, shorter one from Johnson, Finch sits back and crashes the ball towards point boundary

SRH 31/1 (4) Finch 19*- Warner 8*

SRH going at a run-rate of 7.75 , However the asking rate is over 10 rpo. They need more fire-power

Laxmipathy Balaji in the attack now

OUT, the change working here, length delivery, Finch gets caught on the crease as ball crashes into the stumps, both the openers are back into the pavilion

OUT, Two Wickets in this over ! Balaji doing the trick here, removes Warner now, back of a length from Warner, who jabs staright at Maxwell to the point.

Hyderabad suffers another blow

Two big blows in this over

Is this game already over for SRH, or there is still a fightback left, in comes V. Rao

Rishi Dhawan into the attack

FOUR, good shot from Rao, short from Dhawan, rao cuts towards point

FOUR, dragged away, on middle, Rao swings towards midwicket

SRH 45/3 (6) Rao 9*- Rahul 4*

OUT, KNOCKED 'EM OVER ! Full, Rao looks to hits towards the square leg boundary, misses. You Miss I Hit Buddy !

This is very poor batting from SRH, never expected them to lose their wickets so cheaply, credits to KXIP for bowling on good line and length

SRH have not stability in middle order, with top 3 gone, no one is there to stable the innings

Irfan Pathan has been promoted ahead of Sammy, doesn't understand the strategy, why are they holidng Sammy back.

50 up for SRH in 7.1 overs

The asking rate is getting higher and higher

22:34 IST Tuesday, 22 April 2014


FOUR, a welcome boundary for SRH, slow outside off, Rahul backs away and crakcs hard beating the cover fielder

SRH 64/4 (9) Rahul 15*- Pathan 3*


That's a nice thing from the captain to bring Maxwell, with KXIP on top, why not bring your star batsman and let him take a wicket or so.

SIX, sorry, this time Maxwell gets the dose of his own medicine, over-pitched and Rahul slog-sweeps Maxwell over the deep midwicket boundary

SRH require 120 runs from 60 balls, required rate is 12 rpo

OUT, CASTLED !full and quick from patel, Pathan looks to go ver mid-wicket, misses and losses his wicket.
He's been a flop today, poor with ball and now also with the bat

Half of the team back in pavilion now

Sunrisers last hope- Darren Sammy comes on

Balaji to Sammy, no run, this is good stuff from Balaji, he is having a great day with the ball

SRH needs boundaries

SRH needs 110 of 48 balls.
Maxwell scored 95 off 43 balls, if SRH are to win this someone needs to play even faster than Maxwell

SIX, THAT"S OUTTA HERE ! On off-stump from Patel, Sammy generates that power and sends it miles-miles over the boundary and over the roof as well, 99m that was

They need a few of those

SRH haven't had any partnership today, highest was of 25 runs between Pathan and Rahul

OUT, BALAJI TAKES 3, dangerman Sammy departs, looks to crank it over the off-side, get's toe-end of the bat and Akshar Patel at mid-off takes a good diving catch.

All over for SRH now.

Balaji removes 3 overseas player tonight

3 runs and a wicket, this is some excellent bowling from Balaji. Why is he not in Indian Team???

OUT, another wicket, KXIP is making it so easy, flighted from Patel, Rahul decideds to send this one out of Sharjah, hits a skier, gets caught at long on

SRH 99/7 (15) Sharma 3*- Steyn 2*

Asking rate is 19 rpo

That's 100 for SRH, this game is over now, nothing left

SIX, banged in short from Johnson, Sharma hooks and sends it over the roof, that made a cracking sound as it the bat. Too late for SRH

86 runs required from 24 balls

Akshar Patel completes figures today 4-20-2 , great bowling

Give Maxwell one more over, might take a wicket. That will be even sweeter for him

DROPPED, BUTTERY FINGERS in IPL ! Saha drops a skier, Steyn survives

You don't expect from atleast wicket-keeper to drop these

OUT, Johnson picks up the wicket this time, fuller, Sharma backs away, and canonly hit as far as mid-off 

23:18 IST Tuesday, 22 April 2014


OUT, BALAJI GETS FOURTH ! Off-cutter, angled in, Steyn misses and the ball kisses the stumps.

 Last man, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar comes to bat



Look at those lovely bowling figures of Balaji 4-013-4




Who should now be the Man of the Match- Maxwell or Balaji?


OUT, GAME OVER ! Bhuvi mishits and Johnson takes a simple catch, Rishi Dhawan also get the wicket in the end


A massive win for KXIP, they win by 72 runs. 




So, the fairy-tale for Kings XI Punjab continues, they make it 3 in 3. It has been more so a one way traffic, first KXIP dominated the game with the bat, Glenn Maxwell once again played a massive role as he powered KXIP to a huge score. SRH bowlers never looked comfortbale against him, Bhuvneshwar Kumar picked up three wickets.


While chasing, SRH kept on losing the wickets, the batting once again failed miserbaly, highest score was 27 runs from K. Rahul, there was no partnership and after two poor games balaji made a strong comeback, as SRH got destroyed by this smiling assasin, who scalped 4 wickets to kill the game.SRH have lost their second back to back game.
Glenn Maxwell is once again Man of the Match
Final Score: Kings XI Punjab 193/6 (Maxwell 95- Bhuvneshwar Kumar 3/19) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad (Rahul 27- Balaji 4/13) by 72 runs 
That's all from today, this is Uzair Hasan Rizvi, have a good-night !













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