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IPL: Sunrisers Hyderabad v/s Rajasthan Royals: Royals beat Sunrisers by 4 wickets

Friday, 18 April 2014 - 7:35pm IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: dna webdesk


19:37 IST Friday, 18 April 2014

The second match of the day features the Sunrisers Hyderabad against Rajasthan Royals. 

This is an evenly matched contest. Neither team has many superstar bowlers, but both teams have some really good bits and pieces players. Shikhar Dhawan is both the star and the captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

19:41 IST Friday, 18 April 2014

Shane Watson, the Rajasthan Royals captain, calls out 'Heads' at the toss and its Heads. Rajasthan will bowl.

Four debutants for the Rajasthan Royals today

Shikhar Dhawan says he would have won the toss and batted first, so both teams are happy

SH are going with 3 fast bowlers


20:12 IST Friday, 18 April 2014
Finch and Dhawan to start the proceedings for the Hyderabad team
Dhawan Kulkarni will bowl the first over

a soft dismissal. Dangerman Finch departs for 2 runs. Warner comes in ...

After first over Sunrisers 2/1 

*Sorry for the techinacl error. We are now back

After losing Finch very early in the first over, Dhawan and Warner have steadied the innings quite well. Both the batsman are now set. Sunrisers run-rate is exactly the rate you expect when Warner and Dhawan are on increase, but it might just increase in some time.

Dhawan takes the charge, SIX, Tambe to Dhawan, flighted and Dhawan sits on his knees and slogs it over the deep-extra cover 

After 9 overs Sunrisers 62/1 and we have strategic time out


20:54 IST Friday, 18 April 2014

Sunrisers have played cautiously after the depart of Finch in the first over, Warner has been subdued till now, though he will be looking to unleash it from here.

Rajasthan Royals have bowled tight and their bowlers have checked these two batsmen reall well.

Kulkarni to Dhawan, no run . Kulkarni have kept the things very tight, haven't given any room and so making life more difficult for Dhawan and Warner.

OUT, goes captain Dhawan, who was looking to accelerate the innigs holed out to Richardson at deep square leg. That was an off-cutter from Rajat Bhatia.

Rajat Bhatia is a very intellignet bowler, he bowls staright wicket to wicket, doesn't give any room and uses his off-cutter well to disguise the batsman, he tried it again there and got the reward

Warner is really trying hard, but he is just striking at run-a-ball, not what you expect from a player like Warner

End of 12 overs, Sunrisers 79/2.

A few hours ago we saw Maxwell and Miller taking on the spinners and on the same track we see Hyderabad struggling against the spin bowling, credits to Rajasthan

Tambe to Warner, Dropped, it was a flighted which tempted Warner, but James Faulker at long-on dived forward but misses it. Not the easiest of the chances though

Just three days into the tournament and we have already witnessed a catch drop in every game, time for fielding-coaches to pull up their socks

OUT, Finally, the resistance from Warner comes to end. Bhatia again doing the trick with his slower delivery, bowled a bit short and Warner pulls that straight to mid-wicket. Warner gone for 32 after playing 35 deliveries, and that's a strategic-time out .


21:25 IST Friday, 18 April 2014

In comes the dangerous Sammy, remember him coming at the same situation and murdering the Pakistani bolwers in the T-20 World Cup semi-final, a perfect platform for him.

Pravin Tambe to Sammy,  goes for the big hit but can't get anything more than a single.

Either the pitch has really slow down after the last game because both Tambe and Bhatia are decieving the batsmen with slower deliveries

Sunrisers struglling for runs, end of 15 overs Sunrisers 90/3 . Last 5 overs to go, how much can Sunrisers pile up 

Kulkarni has been given the ball to finish his spell 

SIX, that's more like it from Sunrisers. Rahul picks this one up from the good length and pull it over to deep midwicket. Second Six for Sunrisers, they need a few more

OUT, Kulkarni having the last laugh, it was full-toss and Rahul wanted the same treatment, however, he doesn't really connects this time and finds Ajinkya Rahane on deep midwicket. Safe pair of hands !

Kulkarni finishes off his spell 4 overs 23 runs and 2 wickets. How often do you see these figures in a T-20 game

17 overs Sunrisers 108/4

OUT, Rajathan gets the BIG ONE ! Sammy tried to make room to hit it on the off-side, get a top edge and Sanju Samson takes a very well-judged catch. Sammy gone for 6

The news batsman is Karan Sharma.

FOUR, welcome boundary for Sunrisers, Rao slaps toward the point.

Faulker has been the most expensive bowler with 27 runs.

OUT, Sharma mistimes and is caught by Hodge at long-on

This has been a sad story for Sunrisers Hyderabad, having an explosive batting line-up with the likes of Finch, Dhawan, Warner and Sammy, they struggled for runs for the beginning.

End of Innings, Sunrisers 133/6 


21:57 IST Friday, 18 April 2014

Kudos to Rajasthan for checking Hyderabad to a low score, all the Rajasthan bowlers had a good day, but it was Bhatia's slow-pace that really cause the major problems.
Sunrisers meanwhile had just one-good partnership of 75 runs between Warner and Dhawan, rest of the batsmen came and gone, that was the story of their innings with none of them really looking comfortbale against the bowling of Rajasthan.

Sunrisers have defended small targets before, with a star-studded bowling line-up, it will be interesting to see how they will defend the total

Rajasthan is ready to start a chase here !

Sunrisers have got one of best bowling line-up in this year's IPL led by World's No.1 bowler- FIERY STEYN ! 

First bowl to Nayar, Steyn is steaming in, FOUR, over-pitched and ahh ..just pure timing, doesn't push hard just time it thorugh the covers for four

OUT, seamed in and hits the pad, Nayar is gone and Steyn gets the first wicket

Next batsman is Sanju Samson, one of the best emerging talent in the IPL while Steyn is all pumped up, balls and swings away from the right-hander, that clocked at 145 kmph

End of the first over Rajasthan 4/1

Ajinkya Rahane is staying stiff at one end while his partners are tumbling down, Hyderabad pacers are creating a havoc.

After an excellent 2 overs spell from Steyn its Bhuvaneshwar Kumar now who is troubling the batsmen with his superb swinging deliveries, coming in and going out. Rajasthan batsmen have no clue of where the ball is going. 

Rajasthan have lost Nayar and Sanju Samson

After 6 overs, Rajasthan 30/2


22:40 IST Friday, 18 April 2014

Rajasthan have now faced 50% dotballs, in temrs of batting run-rate they are eqaul on terms with Hyderabad

OUT, Ishaant Sharma balls a beautiful delivery, it lands on good lenght around off and just shapes away after taking an edge from Watson's bat. Billy Bowden delays, but raises his crooked finger.
Drama, as Watson and Sharma exchange some words,  Watson gone for 3

In comes Stuart Binny, Sharma fires a boucner. This is amazing, we saw slower ones from Rajasthan but Hyderabad haven't used it till now, they are firing every delivery at the batsmen and with bowlers putting so much extra effort, even the ball is helping them.

FOUR, that's puched toward deep point, short and wide from Sharma and Rahane don't like missing those

End of the over Rajasthan 36/3 after 7

The depth that Hyderabad have in their bowling attack is unbelievable, we are into the eight over and still no Mishra.
They still have the wicket taking option in form of Sammy, who comes to bowl this right over.

Sammy bowls on good length, doesn't give any room for the batsman to score, just six singles from the over. Hyderbad won't mind singles at this moment, where as Rajasthan will be looking to build one good partnership without minding about the required rate.

With likes of Brad Hodge and Faulker still to come, they can chase from any situation.

Strategic Time-Out- Rajasthan 43/3 after 8

Here comes the LEGGIE !

Amit Mishra to Binny, completely foxes the batsman, Binny dances down the track but Mishra bowls a smart googly, Binny somehow manages to get his pads on the way.

Amit Mishra had a superb comeback in the T-20 World Cup with highest number of wickets. Hyderabad have done a smart thing to retain him. He is a match-winner.

Another googly, this time to Rahane, inside edge onto the pads,

No boundaries, just six runs from the over 

Rajasthan 49/3 after 9 overs


23:03 IST Friday, 18 April 2014
SIX, Sammy bowls short and Binny rock backs and heaves it over mid-wicket, ball lands on the rope for a six
Four, another short delivery, Binny pulls this towards mid-wicket, one boucne for four
This is not good bowling from Sammy, 12 runs came from the over. It looks like now is the time for Rajasthan to accelerate their innings 
Four, flighted, and down goes Rahane on one knee and sweeps it with conviction 
Good come back from Mishra, bowls a googly, read late by Binny.
Rajasthan are now well settled, good batting from Rahane and Binny
In-comes Ishaant Sharma, Hyderabad desperately needs a wicket now while Rajasthan doesn't need to do anything silly here.
Sharma bangs short, that hits the helmet. Rahane picks the wrong ball to charge
Sunrisers need Steyn back, they can't keep him till the slog overs 
End of 12 overs Rajasthan 75/3 
Dhawan tries something different, gives bowl to part-timer Karan Sharma, who doesn't really trouble the batsmen and singles contine to come with ease.
50 Runs Stand between Rahane and Binny. 
Stuart Binny was part of the tour to New Zealand, though he hardly got any game to play, with not even a year left for the 2015 World Cup, he has a good chance to impress the selectors.
Dale Steyn is BACK !
FOUR-FOUR ! Back to back boundaries for Rahane and its his HALF CENTURY . Rahane is now having no problems of whatsoever, he is playing very well, this once was puched beautifully .. Lovely off-drive
Steyn fires a yorker, Rahane digs it out
Hyderabad needs wickets all they is quick wickets if they are to make any comeback otherwise, things are very simple for Rajasthan.
Meanwhile Binny is supporting Rahane very well. He is on 31 off 22 balls.
Rajasthan require 32 runs from 30 balls- a cakewalk for them now
Amit Mishra is back on, can Mishra do the trick here, he has looked dangerous with those ggoglies but is yet to make any mark on this game
OUT, Rahane holes out, a loopy leg spinner outside off, Rahane advances doesn't connect and gets caught at long-off. A brave innings comes to an end. Rahane gone for 59.
Can Hyderabad turn this around ...?
In comes the 39-year old Brad Hodge !
Karan Sharma bowls a very tide over at this stage, just giving two runs, Hyderabad applying pressure, now , there seems to be a buzz in the field..
Amit Mishra comes to bowl his last over
OUT,wait a minute ! is there any drama left, tossed up delivery, Hodge goes down on his knee and mis-times his slog straight to Sammy at deep midwicket.
Rajat Bhatia is the new batsman, where is James Faulker?
FOUR, Binny relieves some pressure, imitates Brad Hodge but connects it and time it very well towards the deep square leg

23:40 IST Friday, 18 April 2014

17 required from 2 overs

Steyn to bowl his last over

FOUR, Steyn didn't liked it at all, Bhatia picked it off his pads and whipped it towards the square leg.

OUT, GONE !!! Finally Steyn trying a slow cutter, Bhatia tries to hit Steyn out of the park but he hits only as far as towards Finch at long on.


Binny will face the ball, as batsmen cross over 

FOUR, Steyn gifts Binny a boundary, short-outside off and Binny hits it toward the boundary.

LAST OVER 8 runs required

Can Hyderabad defend it ..?? it's a test of nerves now..

FOUR, over-pitched and deserved the treatment, poor bowling from Bhuvi. He should know that Faulker can bat 

FOUR AND ITS ALL OVER ! RAJASTHAN ROYALS WIN BY 4 WICKETS . Full-toss, and Faulker steers it towards the point region.

A convinving peformance from Rajasthan first to restrict Hyderabad for a low score courtesy their excellent bowling and then Rahane and Binny steers Rajasthan for victory which had a few exciting moments for Hyderabad in the beginning and at the end, but overall it was Rajasthan who dominated the proceedings.

Rahane top scored with 59 and Binny was not out on 48*. Interestingly both the bastmen scored their maximum runs toward the mid-wicket region.

Ajinkya Rahane is the Man of the Match

Final score-  Rajasthan Royals (Rahane 59- A.Mishra 22/6) beat Hyderabad Sunrisers 133/6 (Dhawan 38- Bhatia 22/2) by 4 wickets.

That's all from today. This is Uzair Hasan Rizvi, signing off ! 

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