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IPL: Mumbai Indians v/s Royal Challengers Bangalore: Mumbai win comfortably by 19 runs

Tuesday, 6 May 2014 - 6:59pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

Venue: Mumbai
Start Time: 8 pm

Royal Challengers Bangalore are favourites as they take on Mumbai Indians in Mumbai on Tuesday. 

RCB won their first game against Mumbai comfortably, and they have been the superior side in the rest of the tournament as well, though they have won just 3 games out of 6. RCB have nearly won two more matches, while Mumbai won their first match this tournament against Kings XI Punjab a few days ago.

For Mumbai, the fitness of Zaheer Khan is in question. Mumbai have the option of replacing him with young left-arm pacer Pawan Suyal or leaving out Ben Dunk in favour of one of their foreign pacers, Marchant de Lange, Josh Hazlewood or Krishmar Santokie.

Bangalore, on the other hand, have no such problems. Varun Aaron and Mitchell Starc are doing a decent job, while young Indian spinner Yuzvendra Chahal has really been an asset for the team.

Mumbai have to face up to the might of the RCB batting at its full strength - Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli - and Yuvraj Singh if he manages to click. For Mumbai, however, only Kieron Pollard seems to be in sound form, though Rohit Sharma showed a semblance of touch, and so did Corey Anderson in the last match.

The team winning the toss should bat first, but Bangalore will even back their chasing ability.


20:21 IST Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mumbai have still not lost a wicket

Mumbai 25/0 after 3 overs

Ben Dunk and Chidambaram Gautam have opened for Mumbai

OUT! Ben Dunk is out, Dunk tries to chip it over mid off and fails

Mumbai 25/1 

Chidambaram Gautam is showing some really good form

Bangalore have given away 17 extras already

SIX! Length ball from Dinda and Gautam takes full toll of it, pulled over deep mid wicket

OUT! Dinda strikes back and gets Rayudu bowled for 9

 Rohit Sharma is the new batsman

Mumbai 71/2 after 8 overs

Aaron to bowl

2 wides, the extras continue to flow

Another leg bye, and then a wide

OUT! Now Gautam is out, the ball was short and Gautam went hard at it, the wicketkeeper caught it

Mumbai 77/3 after 9 overs, Corey Anderson strides in. I would have preferred the in-form Pollard.

SIX! Yuzi gets smashed for six, slogged over long on by Anderson

OUT! He's out now and Mumbai have another collapse on their hands. He tries to clear long on again but fails this time.

Mumbai 84/4

Kieron Pollard comes in, MI 85/4 after 10 overs

Varun Aaron comes back

Short and wide outside off and Sharma thrashes to sweeper cover

Pollard gets off the mark with a single

Just 3 runs from the 11th over, Mumbai 88/4

Four, Pollard scoops it over the keeper, Dinda fumbles and its four.

Mumbai 95/4 after 12 overs

Harshal Patel comes in to bowl

4 runs from 5 balls this over so far

MI 101/4 after 13 overs

Four. Pollard biffs Yuzi for four.

Now a single down the leg side

Rohit comes down the track and gets a single to sweeper cover

Pollard bashes the ball to long on to end the over. MI 110/4 after 14 overs


Yuvraj Singh comes into the attack and starts with a wide

Just 3 runs from 5 balls despite the wide

Pollard biffs down the ground for four

Overthrow and they get two

Mumbai 119/2 after 15 overs

Harshal Patel bowls

Freebie to Kieron Pollard and he has carved it over extra cover, that was really short and wide.

Half volley outside off stump, Rohit Sharma crashes it away for four

Mumbai 129/4 after 16 overs

Mitchell Starc is back and again concedes a leg bye

Two runs down the ground, Pollard hurries back for the couple

Four, last ball of the 17th over goes for four, Mumbai 140/4

Ashok Dinda is back. Kieron Pollard has found some good form for good

SIX! He gets slammed into the stands for six

Four. Now a full ball, which Pollard biffs away to the deep midwicket boundary

Mumbai 152/4 after 18 overs

SIX! Short ball, Rohit Sharma goes for the pull and mistimes it, it flew off the top edge for six over third man!

Four. Sharma now biffs this straight down the ground for four

SIX! Another six, full ball wide outside off, driven away for six over cover point!

Now a couple to wide third man

SIX! What a shot, he lifts a ball on middle over long leg for six

Rohit Sharma gets to his fifty

Swing and a miss to end the over, but 24 off it, MI 176/4 after 19 overs

Mitchell Starc will bowl the last over

3 runs off the first two balls, Pollard is very disappointed with himself

Wide ball, too wide, he's also bowling from around the wicket. 

Smashed to deep mid wicket, AB de Villiers gives chase and they get only one

OUT! Kieron Pollard is run out, he missed a wild shot and Rohit ran anyway, the keeper threw the ball to the bowler who took off the bails, Pollard was out of his crease

2 runs, good running, Rohit smashed it hard but it went towards long on, AB de VIlliers managed to stop it and threw, but Rohit had run two

Four, Rohit goes over extra cover and gets four, Mumbai Indians finish on 187/5 off 20 overs

RCB 6/0 after the 1st over. Parthiv Patel and Chris Gayle are the openers\

Parthiv Patel hits two fours off Jasprit Bumrah's over. RCB 17/0 after 2 overs

Pawan Suyal, who has replaced Zaheer Khan, gets tonked for six by Gayle

Length ball, too straight, hits over midwicket for four

SIX! Half volley, too straight again, clobbered over long on for six

Four, now a boundary, Chris Gayle is really on fire.

RCB 43/0 after 3 overs

Harbhajan Singh is into the attack very early, Mumbai have panicked

Outside leg stump and Parthiv slog sweeps it to the square leg boundary

Down the track, over mid on, not timed well but still reaches the boundary

Slogged down the ground, there is a deep mid off which stops it

RCB 49/0 after 4 overs

Slower ball, Gayle defends it with ease

Lasith Malinga has come in to bowl. Given Mumbai's inexperienced new ball bowlers, he should have been given the new ball

50 up for RCB in 26 balls

Yorked, but Parthiv gets a single to third man

Short arm pull by Gayle, gets two as the fielder from deep square leg has to run a lot

Short ball, Gayle goes for a wild pull but misses

RCB 53/0 after 5 overs

OUT! Harbhajan Singh dismisses Parthiv Patel

Virat Kohli walks in

Gayle sweeps but they get no run

Four. Flung away over the midwicket boundary for four, that was wide and looped away but it made no difference to Gayle

SIX! Now he tonks Harbhajan over midwicket for six, what an end to the powerplay!

RCB 64/1 after 6 overs

Gayle has 34 off 15 balls

Its the time out, taken early

Jasprit Bumrah comes back

Just 3 runs so far off this over, from 5 balls

Bangalore 67/1 off 7 overs

Harbhajan continues

For the first time the run rate falls below the required run rate

Kieron Pollard into the attack

SIX! Kohli gives Pollard the charge, and attempts a wild hoick. It goes over extra cover and just crosses the ropes.

Short ball, cross batted pull to deep midwicket for one

RCB 82/1 after 8 overs

Harbhajan is back.

Four. Gayle slog-sweeps him for four

SIX! Now Virat Kohli comes down the track and hits a straight six, the RCB fans in the crowd go wild

Bowled! Chris Gayle is bowled, Bhajji bowls straight and Gayle slogs hard, the ball crashes into his middle stump

Gayle 38 (24)

After 10 overs, Bangalore are 98/2

11 runs from the 11th over, Bangalore 109/2

Ab de Villiers hit a boundary off the first ball he faced

Lasith Malinga comes back for his 2nd over

Low full toss, Kohli tries to whip it away but finds backward short leg

Wide yorker, Kohli gets enough bat on it to send it to the sweeper cover boundary for four

Bangalore 116/2 after 12 overs

Jasprit Bumrah comes back

Bowled! Big wicket, de Villiers is OUT, he walks across to the off side for his trademark sweep and loses his leg stump

Yuvraj Singh comes in, this could actually be good for Mumbai. Yuvraj could considerably slow down the run rate

Just 2 runs and a big wicket from that over

RCB 118/3 after 13 overs

OUT! Virat Kohli biffs it hard, down the ground to long off, who takes a superb diving catch

Now the tables have turned. Two new batsmen at the crease, one of them terribly out of form

Bangalore 119/4 after 14 overs

66 needed off 33 now

5 runs off 5 balls

6 runs off the over, RCB 125/4 after 15 overs

SIX! Roussouw launches the ball into the deep midwicket boundary for six

OUT! Run out, Yuvraj goes for 6

Direct hit from Pollard took Yuvraj down. The throw was wide but Pollard intercepted it midway and kicked it onto the stumps. Amazing.

RCB 134/5 after 16 overs

Lasith Malinga comes in for his third over

Four, bad ball from Malinga, wide and full, scooped over point for four

OUT! Starc is out, he holes out to extra cover 

Four. Slogged hard over mid wicket and its four, RCB still in the game

Single to long off ends the over, RCB 144/6 after 17 overs

44 needed off 3 overs

Slogged to long on for one, he was almost run out on the second run

HV Patel slogs Bumrah for six, he gave room, Bumrah bowled wide but Patel went hard at it

Bowled. And now he's bowled. 

Bangalore might just get bowled out here

RCB 153/7 off 18 overs, 35 needed off 12

Flat ball from Malinga, Roussow lifts it straight to extra cover, OUT

Malinga is firing it in and RCB seem to have no clue

RCB 161/8 after 19 overs

27 needed off the last over

Four, short ball whipped for four

Slower ball, swing and a miss

22 neded off 1 ball

Short ball, little wide, he swings and gets no run, called a wide

Last ball slammed down the ground, just a single, RCB end at 168/8 and lose by 19 runs 

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