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Pune Speaks Up: Thappad ki goonj!

Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 9:50am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal seems to be in the line of attack, literally. On Tuesday, an autorickshaw driver slapped him during a public rally in Delhi, making it the fifth such attack on the former Delhi CM in the past one month. dna finds out the reasons for the growing attacks on the 'aam aadmi'...
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There is something fishy about these attacks
AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal is not only being attacked in Delhi but wherever he is going he is facing some kind of aggression. We expect such things to happen but there is something fishy about these attacks. It is difficult to say who is behind these attacks but unfortunately it is happening. It is surprising that none of the political parties are criticising the repeated attacks on Kejriwal. Everyone has the right to criticise but this is not the way to deal with. 
--Rajesh Mittal, Pune District Committee Member, AAP 

It started after he exposed Ambani-Modi nexus
These attacks are taking place ever since Kejriwal started exposing Mukesh Ambani's relations with Narendra Modi. It all started when Kejriwal visited Gujarat and started exposing the Ambani-Modi nexus. Before that he was never attacked. Now it's been reported that the autorickshaw driver who attacked Kejriwal has no auto permit and is a BJP worker in Delhi. Kejriwal has personally met the driver and he has apologised for the act. Such attacks will continue to take place, as we are targeting powerful people in the country. Undeterred, we will continue our anti-corruption campaign.
--Divyang Baldota, party worker, AAP

These are forms of public frustration and anger
I condemn the recent attack on Arvind Kejriwal. In a democracy, it is not a right approach to attack a public figure like this. However, the point to be noted is that these attacks are not pre-planned. They are spontaneous and coming from public anger. I think Kejriwal should introspect as to why he is being targetted repeatedly. As a public leader you might have awakened public emotions, but then you also have to meet their expectations. If not, they are obvious to get frustrated. These attacks are forms of public frustration and anger. 
--Girish Bapat, BJP MLA

Cong and BJP are looking at AAP as a threat
The way AAP is gaining popularity among the Indian masses, it is becoming obvious that big political parties like Congress and BJP are looking at it as a threat. We have to see who is behind these attacks on AAP leaders. Such attacks are not happening on the leaders of any other political party, so the question is why it is only happening with AAP. Those carrying out such attacks might be following some ideology.
--Rekha Palshikar, academic head, MITSOG

He needs to switch gears in thoughts and words
Arvind Kejriwal is getting back what he is sowing. Existence is an echo house. We get back what we send into it. If we send out words of hatred, disrespect and violence, this is what our experience will mirror back to us. If we send out words of appreciation, gratitude and a deep remembrance of the intrinsic power and beauty and oneness of all, then we will see this being reflected back at us from all, and in all situations. Arvind needs to switch gears in his thoughts and words. As a leader, he now needs to speak of co-creating a bright future for the nation. Of putting energy on a positive vision of what we all want, and facilitating creative ways to make this happen. His speeches must evoke joy, hope, energy and love for all. This is what 'dharma' means. Leadership and administration based on the all inclusive, high integrity, compassionate and creative standpoint of 'dharma' will win. 
--Arun Wakhlu, executive chairman, Pragati Institute of Leadership

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