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N Srinivasan asked to step down : Pune speaks up

Thursday, 27 March 2014 - 10:31am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

The Supreme Court has asked BCCI president N Srinivasan to step down to ensure a fair investigation into the IPL corruption saga. Should Srinivasan step down and respect the apex court's 'order', for an impartial probe into the spot-fixing scandal? dna finds out...
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Srinivasan has time to take the right decision, he should quit
The Supreme Court has asked BCCI president N Srinivasan to step down, they have not given an order. When the apex court is going to take the final decision after two days, Srinivasan has time to take the right decision. The top court has asked Srinivasan to step down from his post and he should do it and quit. Right now he should do as the court says. He will get an opportunity in the future if the court's verdict is in his favour.
--Chandu Borde, Former Cricket Captain and Former Chairman, BCCI Selection Committee

The allegations are against individuals and not the team
It is the Supreme Court, the highest body in the country, has asked him to step down, he should do it and quit on moral grounds. He is a respectable person and morally he should step down. He can always come back, once the investigations are over. The next month's IPL will happen whether Srinivasan is there or not, because if he resigns somebody else will take his place. Now Srinivasan is waiting for the apex court's verdict tomorrow. I feel he should step down for a free and fair trial. The allegations are against individuals and not against the team or franchisee. In democracy we have to listen to what the apex court says. Srinivasan has many good things for the game of cricket.
--Riyaz Bagwan, Chairman, Tournament Committee, Maharashtra Cricket Association

The governing body should take an appropriate decision on IPL
Whatever is the apex court's directives, whether it is Srinivasan or anyone else, they should respect the order and follow it. Srinivasan has to accept the Supreme Court's ruling and follow in that step. In his absence, there is a governing body for the BCCI, they should take the next decision on the IPL matches scheduled next month. Now, the governing body should take an appropriate decision on the IPL tournament. Srinivasan has to leave.
--Sunil Gudge, former Maharashtra Ranji trophy cricketer and Match referee, BCCI Panel

Now, the focus should be on IPL and not Srinivasan
The apex court is the supreme body in India and Srinivasan should follow its directives. Even three of the BCCI's vice presidents are in favour of Srinivasan stepping down and respecting the decision of the court. Until the investigations in the spot-fixing scam are not over, Srinivasan must quit and ensure a fair probe. Everyone will expect that he respect the Supreme Court's directives. The IPL season is coming and the focus should be on the game and not Srinivasan. He is not the only person running the IPL show, there are others also who are capable enough to run the show. The focus should not move away from IPL tournament. If Srinivasan becomes adamant, IPL can get a bad publicity and lose some revenue. If Srinivasan leaves his post now it will be better for the IPL.
--Vipul Lunawat, Director, Institute of Sports Science &Technology

Srinivasan must respect the order of the Supreme Court
The rule of law is essence of democracy. It is law which is supreme not men. The order of the Supreme Court is final and binding on every one. Disobeying the order is contempt. The only remedy is that Srinivasan is bound by the order and must respect the order of the court.
--Mukund Sarda, Dean, Faculty of Law & Principal, New Law College

What they said

All thanks to honourable court that we can get rid of Srinivasan and his cronies now. But look at the thick skin that he has....Otherwise, why has Indian cricket touched so low during his tenure.
--Bishan Singh Bedi, Former India captain

I am of the personal view that since all this muck has started again with the start of the IPL six years ago, it's time to put a brake on this money-making tournament till the probe is over.
--Kirti Azad, former Indian cricketer

In the interest of the game, one should step aside and let the inquiry go on. As a lover of the game, he should step down. He should respect the law and he should honour what SC has suggested.
--Mohinder Amarnath, former Indian cricketer

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