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Married people less likely to suffer from heart disease, Pune speaks up

Wednesday, 2 April 2014 - 9:07am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

An American research study shows that married people at any age are less likely to suffer from any type of heart problems than singles, divorced or widowed folks. dna finds out if marriage seems to do a lot of good to the heart...
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People should lead a married life rather than staying single

The concept that married folks' hearts are more healthier than unmarried people is well known. The main factor in married life is the sexual activity that keeps the cardiovascular system working in sound condition. The sexual activity becomes a sort of exercise with emotions for the circulatory and cardiovascular system. Our body's natural urge is fulfilled, giving body and brain the necessary circulation and secretions. What the study has revealed is a known fact, only difference may be they are trying with new parameters. I suggest people to lead a married life rather than stay single.
--Dr Pandurang Kulkarni, Consultant & Professor, Ayurveda

Sharing problems makes a big difference in de-stressing

It is well known that stress plays a major role in aggravating health and heart-related problems. Singles and especially divorcees go through more emotional stress than married couples. Otherwise, singles have to themselves shoulder all the problems of life and handle everything alone. Married people can share their sorrows and problems and sharing problems among couples makes a big difference in de-stressing. We know that living a married life plays a role in easing heart problems, but we don't know how and why?
--Dr Arati Shahade, Physician & Diabetology

Single or married, all that matters is relationship stress

I do not directly agree with the study results which state that singles or divorcees are more prone to heart ailments than married people. Even in married life it is the relationship status and stressful nature of relationship that matters. If you are married and living a stressful life then you can be more prone to heart ailments. Whether a person is living single or is married, all that matters is relationship stress, which is a big reason for heart diseases. If one has a good understanding partner, definitely it works as de-stresser, but it does not apply to all situations. At times it is better to get out of a relationship for health sake, rather than staying in a stressful relationship and suffer. It does matter to a person married or single, what kind of life he/she is living. Emotional support plays a good role in stress management and is a god protection factor.
--Dr Ravindra Kulkarni, Consultant Cardiologist

Not only singles, married people too go through stress

It is only folks who lead a happy married relationship can live a healthy and hearty life. It is not only singles but married people too go through stressful life, which can then lead to psychosomatic ailments, which include heart problems. Generally, heart issues start from the age of 35 and above. Obviously people in good relationship, whether married or singles, are more secure than those who do not have relationship. Married people or those in relationship don't have to search for happiness outside. Everyone needs a companionship and with the right partner, one can be more calm and peaceful within. Singles live a less healthy life and have to take burden of financial and various other stress.
--Parul Khona, Marriage Counsellor

You need to be part of the sharing and caring process

Living a married life with your companion is anytime more richer and fun than living a loner's life. Married life is less stressful, which obviously promotes better health. Being single till the age of 25 to 30 years is altogether different course, wherein you are discovering and enjoying life's every moment. What the American study reveals is true to some extent but there are exceptions in marriage as well as in singledom. Whether you are married or single, what is important is you need to be part of the sharing and caring process of human bondings. Humans are all social animals and we cannot change our natural social bonding tendency. I am married for last 15 years and I have enjoyed every moment of it.
--Sunil Thorat, Citizen

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