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Key to human rights implementation- Awareness

Saturday, 10 December 2011 - 4:43pm IST | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: dna

Proper education and awareness about human rights and its implementation will go a long way in protecting the rights of a person. DNA spoke to Amdavadis on the eve of World Human Rights Day.

“This year we are celebrating the 61st  anniversary of human rights day. UN’s target is poverty reduction. Especially in India, this year’s target is literacy, increasing girl child in proportion to boys and poverty reduction. But, illiteracy is the prime cause of non-implementation of human rights. If we focus on the cause of child labour, it is circumstances that force children into the labour market. Due to tremendous poverty, this is the last option that the family has for survival. To reduce this, proper campaigning and mouth-to-mouth or door-to-door advertisement should help in spreading awareness. Every human being should follow the motto of live and let live. If this motto is implemented, the question of any kind of intolerance does not even exist.”
Purva Dhora, manager

“Human rights are a person’s basic rights in this world. But we can daily see outrage in different ways. Even in the past, we have had huge instances of human rights violation  -- like the emergency of 1975-76. Public awareness is the only way out of this trouble.”
Vishnu Pandya, writer

“Many people are not aware even about the term human rights. 60% of India is in rural area where 80% people are ignorant about their own rights. Indian constitution has separate amendment on human rights. We have missed out in crime reduction. Also, the biggest hurdle in implementation of human rights is corruption. And we have to accept the fact that even after 64 years our government is unable to prevent crimes against human rights. They have failed to spread proper awareness.”
Jaisukh Patel, general secretary

“Due to lack of proper awareness and lack of proper education, we have to tolerate crimes against human rights. There is no use debating the  subject year in year out. We talk and talk about human rights every year. We know that these rights have been sidelined all these years. A huge penalty should be imposed upon those who infringe these basic rights of human beings and this is one solution through which we can protect our society.”
Vinod Arora, CMD, Aarvee Denims and Exports Ltd

“Rural area is the most ignorant group about human rights and is most affected by child labour crimes. The main
causes for this are superstition and lack of education. Even with urbanisation, there are many instances of wrong behaviour against human rights. Even educated people keep children in their office for cleaning and doing other errands. Educated people should not indulge in such things. Then only illiterate people will become aware about their rights. Moreover, government should also try to enhance awareness about such rights. Further, today, everything is mired in corruption. Awareness from everyone is required to protect human rights.”
Dinesh Sinh Jadon, chairman of Lok Jagruti Trust 

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