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Do we need filter for coffee?

Wednesday, 31 May 2006 - 10:02pm IST

The police ticked off some coffee shops on a gripe that they're allowing prostitutes to solicit customers there. Young people speak up.

The police have ticked off some coffee shops in Oshiwara on a complaint that they are allowing prostitutes to solicit customers there. Young people speak up about our city’s inherent coffee culture and how they would react if this were to happen at their favourite next-door coffee house


Never smelt a rat in a coffee shop


Coffee shops, to me, are a metaphor for the development of the city. Earlier, my parents were apprehensive about these places. Why must one go to such expensive places just to meet friends, they wondered. But things have changed and coffee shops have become popular hangouts for youngsters. However, I have never come across any nefarious activity at any coffee shop. And how can you tell a call girl from any other youngster? Instead of operating on doubts and targeting these joints, the police must clamp down other places in the city which are infamous for such activities.


Girija Ghaisas


I wouldn't be bothered anyway


With the moral police on the prowl all over the city, youngsters need space to unwind. Coffee shops are merely addressing this demand. It doesn't make sense to go to a theatre every time. You can go to a coffee shop and spend hours chatting over a cup of coffee. Although I frequent coffee shops, I am still to spot any shady activity.


Even if a call girl is soliciting customers in a coffee shop, I would be least bothered as long as it doesn't disturb me. If the police is serious about weeding out illicit activity, it must target nightspots which are known to host druglords.


Priya Chaphekar


It’s a baseless allegation


I've been to coffee shops in different parts of the city. But this news of prostitutes allegedly operating out of coffee shops is a shocker. Coffee shops are popular with youngsters and enjoy a clean reputation with their parents as well. Such allegations might ruin all that. The police must act only if they have credible evidence.


I don't care if there's a call girl soliciting customers in a coffee shop. I'm out with my friends to have a good time and anything that happens on the next table is not my concern. I hope the police targets red light districts in the city instead of ganging up against our favourite hangouts.


Omkar Mhaskar


Coffee shops are harmless places


Coffee shops are harmless places where people can hang around for hours together and chill. I am surprised to hear that prostitutes solicit customers at upmarket coffee shops. However, since there is no evidence, I'm not sure about the veracity of the claim. I haven't noticed anything like this at any of the outlets I frequent, and am not too concerned. But if such activities are taking place in my favourite coffee shop, I will switch to another one.


Knowing the police, I too might be dragged into a controversy without reason. I'd rather hang out at a clean place. There are always other alternatives. Coffee shops are generally customer-friendly and wouldn’t take such a risk. The prostitutes could be operating without their knowledge. Things like this happen all over and to target coffee shops is unfair.


However, the cops too might have a point. If they have received a complaint, they have to act on it.


Chirag Shah


Coffee shops wouldn’t take the risk


If this story is true, it’s cause for alarm. As long as it does not happen at a place I frequent, I have no qualms. The city has many coffee shops and switching to another one is no big deal.


The coffee culture in Mumbai is such a rage that nothing can stop it. It will take a lot to believe something like this. Coffee shops are here to make money. Allowing pimps to operate would jeopardise their reputation and I don't think they will take such a risk.      


Priyanka Khandekar

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