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Bringing real masterminds to book

Tuesday, 4 May 2010 - 3:20am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

A court held Kasab guilty on 86 charges, including waging war against the Indian state and murder on Monday. Speak Up asks if true instigators will be brought to justice.

A court held Kasab guilty on 86 charges, including waging war against the Indian state and murder on Monday. Speak Up asks if true instigators will be brought to justice.

Expert view

Legal trial has bared duplicity of our neighbour
If we compare the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case with November 26 terrorist attacks, the judgment has come quite fast. The case of 26/11 was quite unique in many ways. For the first time, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation came to India to support the investigation. Secondly a lot of digital and electronic data has been taken as evidence to prove Kasab’s guilt. Because of this case, the world got to know about the clandestine role of Pakistan in fuelling terrorism. It has been established that the equipment used by terrorists was supplied from Pakistan, training camps were being conducted in the jurisdiction of that nation. The case has been executed very systematically. The only thing which is a cause of concern is, how the two accused persons have been acquitted for dearth of evidence. We need to re-examine this fact. But now when Pakistan’s role has been exposed, there will automatically be international pressure on that country. The leaders across the world will ask them what they are doing to eradicate terrorism from the world.
—Arvind Inamdar, former director general of police

We haven’t created mechanism to apprehend them
Indian criminal law doesn’t have the power to go out of the way to bring the masterminds behind the dastardly November 26 terror attacks to justice. Everyone knows that they are based in Pakistan. We don’t have the machinery, so we can’t just apprehend or prosecute them. Also internationally there is a lot of pressure, so if that works then some measures may be worked out. Since the 9/11 attacks, US has been trying to trace Osama Bin Laden but till date he has not been apprehended. We must avoid approaching the International Court of Justice since Pakistan is a neighbouring state. We are apprehensive that whatever happens there may have a bearing on us, especially as far as other disputes are concerned. Regardless of the verdict, I don’t think our equation with Pakistan will be affected. This is because Pakistan also realises that it’s best to distance themselves from an individual who has at some point accepted his ties with that nation. I personally feel that for Pakistan, Kasab is just an individual and they wouldn’t want to align with him.
—Poorvi Chothani, founder, Lawquest

Pak avoiding stand on issue
Giving punishment to Ajmal Kasab, doesn’t mean that we have won the battle against terrorism. He was just a footsoldier and we need to find out the real masterminds behind the heinous crime. Our government has sent a huge dossier to Pakistan and has given  sufficient evidence, which can stand in the court of law. However, still Pakistan has not taken a clear stand against sheltering terror groups in their territory. So many years, after independence our problems with Pakistan still persist. Diplomatic pressure doesn’t seem to be working in our favour. It seems we can only resolve terrorism through war. Defeating Pakistan conclusively should be the aim.   
—Aparna Pendse, entrepreneur

Don’t worry about ties with Pak
I just believe that we need to eliminate Ajmal Kasab and only then talk about the masterminds of terror, who are hiding in Pakistan. We need to give Kasab the sentence he truly deserves. We already have enough evidence about Pakistan’s involvement in the terror plot to decimate and devastate Mumbai. We have also taken the assistance of international diplomacy through the USA, but it hasn’t been too fruitful. We shouldn’t bother about the outcome regarding our ties with Pakistan. It’s clear that they can’t be trusted and hence we should just concentrate on giving Kasab a harsh sentence, that is to hang him in public.
—Kinjal Sheth, sales executive

Understand mindset of terrorists
While the verdict is out for Kasab, this is not a path breaking step against terrorism. We need to bring the real masterminds to book and evaluate the real issue that propels youngsters to resort to such a drastic act. We need to understand how some are able to instil such thoughts and create ‘terrorists’. Why it is so easy to use youngsters to perpetrate such dreadful acts? We cannot stop terrorism till we don’t look at the root cause of the menace. Still there is no solution to the issue of illegal occupation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We need a holistic approach for eradicating terrorism which also includes diplomatic pressure. Moreover we need strong security systems in our country.   
—Kaushik Dedhia, entertainment industry professional

Emulate example of America
Kasab may be just a pawn, whereas the real masterminds may go scot-free. However, everyone believes that Kasab should be hanged, not just because he is guilty, but also because we need to prove to the real architects that India is capable of taking rigorous action. There might be many other Kasabs in the making, but a stringent ruling for him will bring justice to many. If we continue to be lenient, we will continue spending unnecessarily for his safety in prison. We should create an example and a precedent for society. In the past America made an example of Saddam Hussein. Whatever the verdict it, our ties with Pakistan may be affected.
—Ranjit Singh, sr accounts executive

Join united front with nations
It’s not a great step if our law has proved Kasab’s guilty in November 26  attacks. It’s our failure that the judiciary is unable to punish the alleged Indian accomplices for dearth of evidence. This is not a good sign or message for terrorists. It’s high time India must pressurise Pakistan to support us in fighting against terrorism. Now even US, Russia and European countries have realised that Pakistan is a major link in supporting terrorists. So India can make common cause with such countries and create political pressure on Pakistan, then it won’t not be easy for terrorists to perpetrate their dreadful activities across the world. Moreover there is a need to have special fast-track trials for terrorists.
—Swapnil Kanade, retail industry employee

Deliver justice to Indian people 
It’s just a matter of time, the real master minds will come under the scanner. But this cannot be done through any diplomatic negotiations. We will have to take hard actions against them. Taking harsh steps is the only way out now. We need to hit back in a language they understand. No diplomatic pressure or international court’s arbitration is going to be effective. We need to be firm and hold our ground. We should stop all trade with them, so that they realise the gravity of the situation. Scores of Indians have lost their kin in the attacks. They are many whose lives will never be the same again, because they have witnessed such a devastating sight.    
—Sandeep Sachdev, businessman

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