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Bonding with loved ones this New Year Eve

Friday, 28 December 2012 - 5:13pm IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

It’s almost time to bid farewell to the year 2012. While some are all set for the grand New Year’s Eve parties, others plan to be at home and celebrate the occasion with families and friends. Speak Up finds out how people will welcome 2013...
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I will be spending time with my parents in Pune
I will be busy with film shoots till December 30 so I have not really given any thought on celebrating New Year’s Eve. I am planning to be with my family members as I was away for long. So, on the New Year’s Eve and following days, I will be spending time with my parents in Pune. It is my father’s birthday on January 1 followed by my mother’s on January 2. Hence, I love to spend these days with them.
—Sonalee Kulkarni, Film Actor

I will party with my Lila Foundation girls
I will be joining and enjoying four parties starting from today till the New Year’s Eve. The first party will start with my Lila Foundation girls. They are the senior Lila fellows, some of whom are married and will come for the party with their children. In the following two days, there will be a party for the undergraduates and then a graduate’s party on Sunday. All these girls are my family and I love spending time with them. On the New Year’s eve, as usual, I will be partying and celebrating with my family at our home. Being together is the best moment to enjoy.
—Lila Poonawala, chairperson, Lila Poonawala Foundation

Celebrating doesn’t mean being with strangers
I don’t believe in the concept of partying during the New Year Eve. For me, celebrating does not mean getting lost somewhere among strangers in a party. It is about celebrating with the people you know. So, I am not looking forward to partying. However, I will be spending time with my family, like I always do after coming back home from work.
—Manoj Kothari, Director and Principal Strategist, Onio Design

Every year, I usually go for a family outing
We celebrated throughout the year so since the year is going to end, I am going to slow down and relax. In fact, I have been busy the whole year with my directorial debut ‘Prem Mhanje, Prem Mhanje, Prem Asta’, a Marathi movie based on a poem composed by famous poet Mangesh Padgaonkar. The movie is in its final stage and I am eagerly looking forward to its release in the early months of 2013. Every year, I usually go for a family outing on one of the forts in the state, but this year, there will be no trekking and camping. I will be very much in Mumbai and spending the New Year’s Eve quietly with my family.
—Mrinal Kulkarni, Film Actor

We will be partying at our home
On January 1, it is our marriage anniversary so every year, we call our friends and family members and party at our home. We have been celebrating this way since the last 4-5 years, except last year, as we were in Australia watching the fireworks at Sydney Harbour. That was a breathtaking experience for me. So, this year, we are back to partying and celebrating at home.
—Rasika Wakalkar, Owner, Rudraksh

Many people go to New Year parties out of peer pressure
I am not going to go out partying or drinking on New Year’s night. Frankly speaking, I have never taken the whole idea of New Year’s Day celebrations that seriously right since my childhood days. All I will do is go to the homes of my two friends, who are academic coordinators at the Symbiosis International Council. This is my last New Year’s Day in Pune so I want to spend time with both my friends as they have become like a family to me in the last three years. I feel that many people who go to New Year parties to drink and dance do so out of peer pressure and not because they genuinely enjoy it.
—Abdullah Popere, student

I think New Year’s celebrations are a bit overhyped
This year, on New Year’s night, I will be busy making arrangements for Fergusson College’s festival, Mukatchand. There are two events planned for January 1, a speech by Nitin Banugade Patil and a concert by Highway 61, which is a sufi rock band. I have no regrets that I will be working for our college festival because the satisfaction I will get from this will be far greater than drinking or clubbing. While drinking can give me a hangover, being a part of the festival will enrich me creatively. I think New Year’s celebrations are a bit overhyped. Working for my college is a celebration in itself.
—Sushant Deshmukh, student

All days are special as each day is a gift from god
I will be going to Lonavla to spend New Year’s Eve with my family as spending time with them is more important to me than going for parties. In today’s busy world, we rarely get to spend time with our family members and New year’s Day gives us a chance to do so. I also feel that  New Year’s Day is overhyped. I don’t think that it is a special day or any different from other days. All days are special as each day is a gift from god.
—Rizwan Asif, executive

I am not really interested in going to pubs or partying
For New Year’s Day, I will be spending time with my family. I am a family-oriented person and like to spend time with them. During the year we are all so busy and have little time for each other, so the New Year’s Day is an opportunity to bond with them. Besides, all places are so crowded that you do not get any satisfaction in going out. I am not really a person interested in going to pubs or partying. For me, December 31 and January 1 is like any other day.
—Priyanka Pathare, student

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