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BDS, MBBS students differ over extension

Friday, 30 November 2007 - 1:50pm IST

The Dental Council of India (DCI) has increased the duration of the BDS course by one year, and scrapped the internship programme.

Fifth year dental students speak out on the new plan

The Dental Council of India (DCI) has increased the duration of the BDS course by one year, and scrapped the internship programme. Speak Up visited the city’s Government Dental College and found the students and faculty pleasantly surprised. Those studying for an MBBS, however, are railing against the extension of their course

It's going to help our juniors
I think the new syllabus is for the better. I am surely going to miss out on it. We, of course, will be studying these subjects in our post-graduation degree. Our juniors, however, will be studying them at a much earlier stage. I am sure it will help them prepare greatly for their post-graduation degrees, as they would already be acquainted with the subjects. Even the research opportunities that are going to be provided will be beneficial.
—Swapnil Gajare

I wish we had five years too
I wish our batch was a part of the new curriculum. I think the idea of five years of study is a good one, as we should make the best use of our learning period. After all, we are going to practice for the rest of our lives. We have missed out on many things, like one month of research, that have been added to the new syllabus. The new batches will be learning things in the new syllabus that we will now be learning in our post-graduation course.
 —Shubhangi Gaikwad

Why scrap the  internship?
Every policy has its own advantages and disadvantages. I feel, a comprehensive training programme is a very good idea. Treating a patient completely, is definitely better than treating him for just one problem in isolation. In this way, we are more likely to be aware of our mistakes. But I feel that scrapping the one-year internship is not a good move. When we do our internship, we already have our degrees and therefore it is more like real practice.
 —Moin Holy 

We have missed out on a lot
I think the idea of four years of study and one year of internship was a better one. Internships are quite necessary for a dentistry student, as they require a lot of practical experience. I am, however, aware that many new and interesting subjects will be taught to students during the added one year. I definitely accept the fact that we have missed out on many subjects like geriatric dentistry and implants. We would be able to get much more theory-based knowledge.
—Vinay Dixit


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