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Thursday, 17 January 2013 - 12:28pm IST | Agency: dna

With Punekars celebrating DNA’s fifth year in their culturally vibrant city, we thought it only right to ask them about their journey with their favourite newspaper, which has become a household entity.

With Punekars celebrating DNA’s fifth year in their culturally vibrant city, we thought it only right to ask them about their journey with their favourite newspaper, which has become a household entity. Sure enough as expected, our readers were as objective in their views on the various sections as we have been since we connected with this city five years ago. Their frank speak encourages us tremendously in moulding DNA to be full of the zest it took off with, the maturity of understanding the needs of Pune and the derring-do to look the issues of the city in its face. Here, we list out what our readers appreciate about DNA, the sections they would rather not have and the improvisations they would like to see in the coming days.

Give more coverage of stock markets and new careers
DNA is extremely readable due to its simple English, and one does not have to keep thinking what a particular word means. Secondly, I like the fact that there is very little sensationalism in the way the newspaper covers events. The layout of the newspaper, especially the way local, national and international news displayed is good.

However, I don’t like the photos of film stars at parties that goes on the back page of After Hrs. Overall, DNA is a very good paper. There must be more coverage of the stock market and business news going forward. Also, I would like to see more articles about the new careers and job opportunities in the new, emerging sectors.
Atul Patel, software engineer

Please revive ‘Money’ as a separate supplement
I like the simple, lucid and readable language used in DNA. The local coverage of the newspaper is also good, with the use of graphics and photos making it visually appealing.

Of course, there is scope for improvement in this area. Another good thing about the newspaper is that there are not too many advertisements intruding into the reading pleasure.

Don’t incorporate ‘DNA Money’ in the main supplement, as in today’s times, people are keen to get information on financial matters and the stock market and this supplement catered to readers in a commendable way. Please revive it in its original form. Also, DNA must have more national coverage of important events.
Suresh Advani, scientific officer, IMD

DNA is a newspaper of, for and by the new generation
I wake up every morning and am glad to have DNA in my hand – a newspaper of, for and by the new generation. DNA covers city, state, nation and world news in a very balanced manner. ‘DNA Speak Up’ makes for interesting reading. Opinions of experts on a particular subject are indeed of great help. The topics covered are really of interest and importance to all people. All my family members, including my parents and children enjoy reading DNA.

Thanks to the DNA team for giving us a wonderful experience. Congrats for your fifth successful year in Pune, and hope you progress in leaps and bounds.
Dr Kiran Rukadikar, DNA reader

I love participating in contests, and want DNA to have them regularly
DNA is not just a newspaper, it is a family entertainer as well. The news and views in DNA are blended in a perfectly balanced way. DNA is eagerly read by everyone in the mornings and moves from kids to senior members of the family, who just love to read and enjoy its content. It has colourful photo elements with stories. The only suggestion I have is that I love to participate in contests, not just to win but for the fun of it. So, if your paper can carry contests on a regular basis, it would draw the interest of more readers like me. Rest everything is fine with the newspaper and I wish DNA several more successful years in Pune.
Narain Bhagchandani, DNA reader

Want tougher crosswords as you move into 6th year
DNA has an easy-on-the-eyes layout and uncluttered pages. The large and clear fonts make it easy to read fast. It has a colourful and cheerful presentation. And, it has a wonderful reader connect because of its balanced, well-expressed editorials with progressive ideas and a good mix of news, news analysis and opinions.

The newspaper could avoid needlessly large headline fonts and large photographs, as these reduce the news space considerably. Frequently, insignificant news is given prominence.

As DNA moves into its sixth year, I would like to see more news and tougher crossword puzzles, as the present ones are very easy, and hardly cryptic.
RV Krishnan, head of the Business Development Bureau

Have features on city events in ‘After Hrs
I like DNA’s style of providing short, crisp and quick reads. However, your rape stories after the Delhi incident needn’t have been highlighted so prominently. My grandson has now become familiar with the word ‘rape’ and wants to know what it means. The rape follow-ups must be avoided.

To make the ‘After Hrs’ supplement more interesting it would be good to add features on shows and events happening in the city. This would be a good reader connect, as even my wife and I love to go for dramas, musical shows. At present, the supplement has only Page 3 gossip, which is boring. The best section in your newspaper is ‘Speak Up’, as it brings views of readers. Also, your front page has stories which are very hard-hitting.
George Judah, DNA reader

Marathi cultural events must be given more coverage
I like the simple and lucid English in DNA, which makes the newspaper easy on the eyes. I also like the coverage for its balance between local, national and international coverage. I do not like the film star pictures in the ‘After Hrs’ section, as they are unwanted and frivolous. Instead, there must be more local coverage of events in DNA, like Marathi cultural events including dramas should be given more coverage to cater to Punekars.
Sanjay Tukaram Otari, accounts executive

Give tips for students to fight exam stress
My husband and I are both in the insurance business, and the first section we read in DNA are the ‘Money’ pages, which are extensively informative. Every member of our family has a liking for the newspaper for their own reasons. I never miss the ‘Positive Thinking’ column in the inside pages. Many a time, I find this to be the only positive aspect in the paper, while the rest of the paper is only filled with crime stories. Nowadays, all the newspapers emphasise more on negative stories. Crimes happen and a newspaper has to inform about them, though not so much that it overshadows the positive news. I would also like to suggest that with the final examinations round-the-corner, parents would want more stories on guiding children how to study better and lessen their stress levels during exams.
Arundhati Joshi, DNA reader

DNA’s local sports coverage is commendable
The best aspect of DNA is its daring step to scrap the editorial page and instead give its readers sharp analyses on various issues since the last year or two. I love DNA, and if the vendor misses delivering it at home I make it a point to buy it. DNA excels in local coverage. The columnists and writers in DNA do not hesitate to go against the grain and write controversial or present views that may be seen as politically incorrect. Even the sports coverage is commendable, especially the way local sports is covered.

I would like to see an improvement in the arts, books and film section, which are very superficially covered. Good Marathi films should get extensive coverage.
S Chandrashekharam, company executive

Start a section on investing in stock markets for beginners
DNA is the fastest growing, balanced and well-organised newspaper. I have been reading this newspaper since it started in Pune five years ago, and at present my day starts with DNA, as it gives an equal coverage of local as well as international news. I like the systematic division of the newspaper into various sections such as ‘City’, ‘Speak Up’, ‘Money’, ‘Sport’, ‘Analysis’ etc. The small write-ups of news on the top of the pages works as an index to quickly jump to a specific page. It’s really enjoyable to read DNA’s innovative headlines.

However, sometimes it’s irritating that the on some days the front page is completely covered with advertisements instead of news.

It would be nice to see more information about investing in stock markets for beginners. Also, every week, you could take one area in Pune and discuss all the civic issues there, which otherwise is covered only by the smaller, vernacular or other local dailies.
Sanjay Purkar, software engineer

In-depth analysis of burning issues needed
I like DNA regularly covering civic issues such as transport, sewerage, roads and electricity. These are central to the city’s development, and it is praiseworthy that it gets a lot of coverage in DNA. Besides this, DNA is a visually appealing newspaper with attractive pictures. I also like DNA having an extensive economic coverage, with its business reporting being excellent.

However, DNA could improve on their analysis, as on many occasions the analysis on issues is not as detailed and in-depth as it should be, especially for current issues that affect the city. Also, there is too little coverage of fashion and films. The ‘After Hrs’ section must be expanded if the newspaper wishes to attract the youth readers.
Colonel (Retd) Shashikant Dalvi

DNA’s expose of scams makes it India’s No 1
DNA is special for many reasons. You have always been politically neutral and boldly express what is right and wrong. The several serious scams and scandals that DNA has exposed make it India’s No 1 investigative newspaper. Your exhaustive news coverage and information in all the possible fields, from health to wealth, earning to spending, eating to burning out, materialism to spiritualism, fashion to passion, games in politics to politics in sports is simply amazing. I must appreciate your dedicated team of reporters, editors and office staff who work 24x7 to bring us the latest news and information each morning. I wish DNA team all the best!
Vrushali Mehendale, fitness professional & founder-director, Vrushali Slimming Centre

My 12-year-old is all for DNA’s easy style
I am a regular subscriber of DNA, because my 12-year-old son insists on having the newspaper come home for its easy-to-understand language and colourful pictures that accompany each story. Your news is very informative and covers the local happenings in detail. It’s the only English news daily that has more local news content, second only to the Marathi dailies.

I congratulate DNA for completing five successful years in Pune with an extensive local coverage.

DNA is getting more and more popular with the youth, as you have caught the pulse of what they want. So, just keep it going like this. Cheers!
Vasant Shelke, DNA reader

Reduce film gossip, and ensure news in features

DNA’s ‘After Hrs’ supplement has been reduced to only film gossip, and at times there’s just too much of it. There is already an overdose of film actors on television and magazines, and they have no news value. As a newspaper, I expect even the feature stories should have some news element in them. We want news in DNA, as that is what it is really meant for.

Your general coverage is very good with lot of local content. However, most of your accident-related stories where a car is involved, you repeatedly use the lines “The car had an accident or went out of control”. How can a car go out of control? As a responsible newspaper, you must emphasise that it was the driver’s fault.

My only suggestion to improve DNA would be to cut out the filmy coverage and keep the local coverage more comprehensive with other elements.
Minoo Russy Shroff, DNA reader

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