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Convey a strong message by taking curative measures

Thursday, 10 January 2013 - 6:26pm IST | Agency: dna

It is a deliberate ploy of Pakistan army to cross the Line of Control (LoC), which they have done previously innumerable number of times.

In a gruesome attack, Pakistani soldiers crossed into the Indian territory in Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir and ambushed an Indian army patrol, killing two soldiers and mutilating their bodies. While Pakistan has ‘obviously’ denied the firing, the big question is should India give a befitting reply so that the neighbouring country doesn’t keep crossing its limits?
Also, is it Pakistan’s tactical move to divert Indian army’s attention so that it can push terrorists into our country? Citizens Speak Up

Convey a strong message by taking curative measures
It is a deliberate ploy of Pakistan army to cross the Line of Control (LoC), which they have done previously innumerable number of times. My study shows that Pakistan army gets into this deliberation every now and then to convince their population that they are not weak.

After this firing incident, the Pakistan government will claim that their soldiers did not carry out the attacks. Instead, the terrorists or smugglers are behind this act. This is what the Pakistan government said during the Kargil war as well and even refused to take back bodies of their dead soldiers just to prove its point.

The Indian government must take into account that Pakistan army and terrorists are the two sides of the same coin. The Pakistan army is outsourcing offensive actions to terrorist organisations. It is high time that we must convey a strong message to Pakistan by taking curative measures. We cannot be at the receiving end all the time.

Curative measures don’t mean that we wage a war. Our local army commanders must be empowered to take limited curative actions at the time of attacks. This is not the first time that Pakistan soldiers have attacked our side in such a way, it has been done repeatedly. Even during the Kargil war, our soldiers were not treated by Pakistan as per the Geneva Convention. One has to show respect to a soldier because once he is dead, he is no more an enemy.
Lt Gen (Retd) DB Shekatkar

There is a need to bridge gap between both nations
It will be not right for India to immediately react and retaliate strongly in this matter. Such incidents frequently take place at the Line of Control (LoC) and we should be prepared in controlling them from escalating. In fact, we should work towards strengthening the ongoing peace process and bridge the gap between the two countries. Our government should build pressure on Pakistan to stop such cross-border escalations. There can be two versions to the recent incident. Pakistan will have its own version while India will have its own. So, we have to wait for the actual verification.
Madhav Godbole, former union home secretary

The nationalism of Pakistan is based on hating India
It is extremely unfortunate that two Indian soldiers died in the firings. It is also a complete violation of the Geneva Convention as the bodies of the soldiers were mutilated. This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. It generally takes place during the winter season. Under the guise of firings, Pakistan attempts to push terrorists across the border. It is a clear signal that the diplomacy that India is practicing is not working. We need to take an offensive position and teach a lesson to the Pakistani security establishment so that it doesn’t commit such acts ever again. The time has come to take a tough stand against Pakistan.

The reality is that the Pakistan army is very powerful. It must have committed this crime to sabotage the ongoing peace process. It may also be an attempt to divert everyone’s attention from the serious domestic problems of Pakistan. The nationalism of Pakistan is based on hating India, to a great extent. It is an unstable country.
Col (Retd) Kiran Kanade

Any form of diplomacy will not stop such incidents
The firings and the act of mutilation are completely wrong and barbaric. It is not acceptable at all. We need to realise that whenever Pakistan is undergoing serious internal difficulties, it invariably resorts to such acts to divert attention. However, we have to be restrained in our response. As a nation, we need to assess the quantum of action that needs to be taken. We cannot just say that we should take stern action as both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. The potential for damage is immense on both the sides. I am sure both the Ministry of Defence and Centre will be studying the situation and accordingly take the right approach.

We also need to look at what are the underlying reasons causing these ceasefire violations. The cricket series or summits or any other form of diplomacy will not stop these incidents from occurring. We need someone like Sardar Patel to ensure that these incidents do not recur.
Lt Colonel (Retired) Pandharinath Devikar

Pak has nothing to lose in case a conflict arises
The mutilation of the bodies of the two Indian soldiers is not something new. It is a common practice in Pakistan to mutilate bodies of Indian soldiers. The Pakistani terrorists are closely related with the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) and the army. There have been many cases where all the three worked closely together. People move in and out of the army, ISI and various terrorist organisations. The second aspect is that firings are done to divert the Indian army’s attention so that Pakistan can push terrorists across the border into the Indian territory.

The third aspect is that the army in Pakistan is not controlled by the Parliament or civilian administration. It acts independently and functions as per its will. The government of India must take stern action in this case. However, Pakistan has nothing to lose in case a conflict arises given its dire economic situation. It is in a shambles.

We are an upcoming, progressive economy and stand to lose a lot if there is conflict between the two nations. Our situation is like a person living in a big bungalow with a hutment next to him. He distributes blankets and sweets to the anti-social elements living in the huts, thinking they will behave reasonably but they continue to harass him.
Commander (Retd) Vinayak Agashe, VSM

This attack seems like a full-scale operation
This particular incident seems to be a response to the alleged killing of Pakistani soldier that occurred in Haji Pir area on Sunday. However, violations of the ceasefire on the Line of Control (LoC) have occurred in the past and continue to occur. There are three things that stand out in this case. First, one cannot dismiss this as a mere firing as the assailants went 400 metres beyond the LoC. This shows that this must have been a full-scale planned operation as you cannot penetrate this deep into the Indian territory. Second, the mutilation of the bodies is heinous and violates all norms. This is also not the first time that such an act has occurred.

We need to have a graded response to this act. When and how are matters of operation and tactics to be worked out by the government. The government must give full support to the armed forces.
Major General (Retd) Shashikant Pitre

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