Twitter to now target ads based on email addresses and user IDs

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 - 1:34pm IST | Agency: ANI


Twitter has introduced new capabilities to its recently launched Tailored Audiences programme for ad retargeting with email addresses and user IDs.

Revenue Product Manager Kelton Lynn described the additions as new ways to create Tailored Audiences, either using a customer relationship management database or lists of Twitter usernames or user IDs.

The user ID is a unique way that identifies your account.

According to Tech crunch, Lynn said advertisers will be able to exclude certain audiences from their advertising in the same way.

The new features could be particularly useful for targeting existing sales leads or customers, or for targeting people who are influential in a specific category.

On the privacy front, the users can opt out of the program in their settings, and it says there's a 'minimum audience size' to avoid 'overly specific targeting,' the report added. 

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