Twitter's Dick Costolo explains 'what it means to be a good CEO'

Sunday, 16 February 2014 - 10:14am IST | Agency: ANI

Twitter's Dick Costolo was awarded the 'CEO of the year' award this week, which makes him the best person to explain what it means to be a good company chief.

At the 7th annual Crunchies Awards, Costolo was asked about his company's roaring success at its IPO debut and his take on being the head of the microblogging service.

Costolo said that he pays very careful attention to team building and the sense of working together, Tech Crunch reports.

He further said that if someone would ask him to describe himself, he would say 'he's present' and there for the team, to understand what everybody else understands, because then only one could provide the proper context for the decisions that are made.

Costolo further said that his advice would be to make sure that "everybody understands what you understand."

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