Twitter handle @TheUniverse answers all of life's meaningful questions

Sunday, 9 March 2014 - 5:42pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

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Have you ever asked a question to the Universe? Why something is happening to you, or why someone has something you don't have. Well, everyone has at some point, but have you ever gotten a reply? Look no further, @TheUniverse will answer all your questions.

This parody Twitter account tracks down people who use the words 'the universe' in their tweets and answers their questions. The account also puts out fun pictures and statements that the universe might say as well as tweets about things that the universe does.

Although the account hasn't been that active off late, it's still a fun account to have on your Twitter feed.

The Universe will ask you the real questions. 

It explains what it wants. 

 It's not afraid to get you on its team.

It will not reveal top secret information. No breach of security here.

Again with the self pity from The Universe. 

 And of course, like everyone, The Universe just wants to be noticed

The stress of being the Universe, can make it a little cranky. And quite morbid. 

The Universe doesn't beat around the bush. It tells you straight up what you should do. 

And clearly does not like to be replaced.

The Universe isn't afraid of telling you, you owe it everything. 

It tries to shy you away from bad habits. 

And is a little bit of an jerk. 

 But is not afraid of admitting that it's behind the times, and has not seen the best movie ever.

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