Tick tock goes the iWatch: What's everyone talking about

Sunday, 17 February 2013 - 9:00am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Quoting an Apple official, they claimed that the watch would have curved glass and will run on iOS, the company's mobile operating system.

Apple’s building what?
Last week, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal broke news that Apple is working on a wristwatch. Quoting an Apple official, they claimed that the watch would have  curved glass and will run on iOS, the company’s mobile operating system. Apple refused to confirm, but with two newspapers carrying the news simultaneously, it seems like a controlled leak.

Sounds awesome. When will it hit the market?
Since Apple has refused to comment, it is impossible to predict when the watch will be available to consumers. Bloomberg claimed that Apple has put together a 100-member team to develop the iWatch. Another news agency reported that Apple is already in talks with its Chinese manufacturing partners to start production of the device. But again, all these news reports are not officially confirmed by Apple.

Apple and watches? This doesn’t make sense.
If Apple makes a watch, it will not be just for telling time (duh!). The iWatch — as it is being called — will work in conjunction with the iPhone and perhaps the iPad. Imagine reading and sending SMSes using your watch instead of fishing for the phone in your pocket. Or getting directions on the map that’s loaded on the watch. Another useful scenario is if the watch can measure your heart rate and other health parameters, making it the ideal workout companion.

Will it be game changer like the iPod, iPhone and iPad?
If the product is for real, then it will be a game changer. Right now, there are a couple of small developers who sell smartwatches. Sony too built a smartwatch. But Apple has a track record of revolutionising half-baked devices — the iPhone was not the first touch phone to hit the market, but it transformed the market. Whenever it launches, iWatch may well be the next game-changing device.

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