The world's first open source laptop crosses halfway mark in crowdfunding.

Monday, 21 April 2014 - 8:34am IST | Agency: dna

Plug in the keyboard and mouse of your choice, and this laptop is ready to go; perfect for use in a labs or in you workspace. You get an open circuit board, inside a case that allows for many modifications with a Full HD IPS LCD.

Novena is the first real open hardware computing platform, what that means is this laptop can be copied, made and sold by anyone without any form of royalty. Novena's detailed specifications are published free of charge so that anybody can look at them and modify individual components if needed. Following in the footsteps of open source software, the expectation from the person working with these designs is that anyone making the product, regardless of the modifications, must give credit to its origins and allow everyone else the same rights.

This device is not just open it is also extremely innovative. This laptop learns the way you use your battery and based on the first few charge/discharge cycles, it will give you the capacity of the battery. That's not all if you change your hardware because of the highly customizable nature of the laptop it will also rework the battery life. It is also really optimized in a way that it is designed to reduce wearing out of the battery pack and is not designed for planned obsolescence.

Designed by the guys who worked on security of the Xbox and developing the Linux kernel, we know we are in good hands with this project. Many of the products are manufactured at AQS, a company that has been a part of Silicon Valley for over 20 years and has developed projects for the United States Department of Defense.The limited edition heirloom version of the laptop is designed at Kurt Mottweiler's studio in Portland, Oregon.

The crowdfunding project hosted on CrowdSupply has already passed its halfway mark with 150 thosusand US dollars pledged to the project. The project has another 37 days in which it must achieve its 250 thousand US dollar goal. The support and attention this project has got is driving the open source harware movement further and vice versa.

This laptop is huge for the fans of security out there who want a secure computing experience in a post-Edward Snowden age.The open design of the Novena laptop means that anybody can audit and access the designs for anything a hacker could take advantage of. This if done enough makes the latop secure from top to bottom.

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