Soon, Google may provide 'one stop shop' for entire human knowledge

Friday, 22 August 2014 - 3:38pm IST | Agency: ANI

Google is planning to build a vast knowledge bank, which promises to include complete human knowledge, it has been reported.

According to New Scientist report, Google would be building a next-generation information database called 'Knowledge Vault' that's designed to index and store all the facts about world and its history, Discovery News reported.

Knowledge Vault would be fully automated and uses algorithms to turn raw data gathered online into bite-sized, usable chunks of knowledge. And it could be read by both machines and humans, where people could query it directly, as with a Google search or they could rely on their future smartphone, digital assistant or robotic helper to do the searching for them.

The Vault project would be building upon Google's existing crowdsourced database, Knowledge Graph, and so far it has cataloged about 1.6 million facts.

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