Soon, Android phones to have encrypted text message feature

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 - 2:02pm IST | Agency: ANI

Some of the future smartphones working on the Android platform are reportedly set to be equipped with built-in encrypted text messaging feature allowing for secure communications.

Developers of CyanogenMod’s encrypted text-messaging feature, TextSecure, have announced that a future version of its custom operating system will enable always-on, end-to-end text message encryption between users.

According to TechHive, co-founder of Open Whisper Systems, partner of Cynaogen in the project, Moxie Marlinspike said that they aim to provide everyone access to advanced secure communication methods that are easy and reliable to use.

For having the encrypted messaging features, both parties need to use CyanogenMod or Open Whisper System’s TextSecure, which can be downloaded by Android users.

However, if one person isn’t using the feature and is sending a text message from a regular version of Android, then the text will be routed through as a normal SMS.

The encryption offered by Open Whisper, generates a new key for every message that’s sent and if one key is compromised, only that one part of the message will be seen.

The announcement comes amidst the heated controversy surrounding the NSA leaks which has forced tech companies to boost up their encryptions so as to protect their users’ personal data.

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