Social networking apps play the perfect cupid

Thursday, 13 February 2014 - 9:30pm IST | Agency: DNA

Thane: Not only have apps made communication easy, they have also played cupid to in-love couples. Thane resident Raina Pal would vouch for that. Pal's boyfriend went to Australia three months ago to pursue MS (Masters in Software). Pal says, "Though we cannot meet each other everyday now, we keep chatting as per our availability and i don't realize that he is so far. In fact we also do video chatting on Skype everyday for half an hour which means we are well connected and never feel that we both are so far from each other."

That several communication apps are available for free downloads now have proven to be a blessing for couples in long distance relationships. Apps like Skype, FaceTime, Viber, among others, are quite nifty for international calling. Others like Whatsapp allow them to instantly share photos. These free apps have found are huge fanbase in youngsters, who only need pay internet charges.

Shalini Nair, another Thane resident, too, is all for these apps. Her long time boyfriend Vrushal Dikshit is settled with his parents at Delhi. The couple completed their MBA together in Pune and move back to their respective homes after it. Nair says, "We are constantly in touch with Whatsapp and at times also use Skype for video-calling. She adds, "The ability to communicate as frequently as we please has only strengthened our relationship."

While a section of these couples have wholeheartedly embraced these apps, there are others who've given up on apps and smartphones, altogether, for they perceived them as threats to their relationship. Swati Singhvi, a resident, says, "I have ditched my smartphone for a basic phone because life had begun to get traumatic. My boyfriend would ask me several questions: Why are you taking so long to reply? and why are you online so late? Therefore, in order to get rid of all these questions, I switched to a basic phone. Thankfully my life is very peaceful now."
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-- WeChat, Skype, and viber can be used in all android phones
-- Viber can be used on iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones and Blackberry as well as Nokia and Window services while FaceTime can be used only on iPhones.

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