Social Media presence akin to breathing, Time is ripe to reap benefits: Faisal Amin

Monday, 30 June 2014 - 7:53pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

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Here's a day we are all thankful for! Social Media today has changed the way we communicate on a daily basis. Starting from the way we celebrate to the way we mourn and finally to the way we rebel - it has given us a platform to express what we want and do it at ease. 

As the founding partner of Fruitbowl Digital, Mumbai's Social Media agency, we have been working with biggest brands of the country. We saw brands from various sectors adapting to the social media wave. Brands from the FMCG & Apparel Sector were amongst the first ones to jump onto the social media brand wagon; followed by event planners, journalists, hotels, small business & surprisingly so POLITICIANS. We tracked how Barack Obama & Narendra Modi took advantage of this media to perfection. Social media is perceived as one of the most important marketing channels.  If you aren’t there, and your competitors are, you could be losing out on a major chunk of business opportunities.

For a lot of people, the name social media starts and ends with "Facebook". But social media is far beyond that. Yes, Facebook is the most popular medium on information sharing at today’s date with more than 250 million new visitors each month and more than 100M users only from India. Yes, it is the second most highly visited website besides Google. But no, it is not does not define the A-Z of social media. We love experimenting and the social media channel we are rooting for is, Instagram.

The trends here change more often than we would want it to change. People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. Brands have to know where to draw the line. Video content is going to be the next king. Interactive content will outclass the vanilla content. For us, challenge lies in educating the brands about the changing trends in the industry.

Today's consumers see social media in a new light. While it started with young generations with personal updates, we've seen new and exciting applications like a way to add dimensions of engagement with television or radio to multiple business applications. Consumers are using social media channels to amplify their voices to their own networks.

According to Twitter, the number of active monthly users is 255 million, sending a combined total of more than 400 million tweets per day. If we multiply that one ordinary citizen by 255 million, we have great potential to spread a message of harmony!

The future of social media as I see it is very boundless. Having an online presence will soon become as common as breathing. Maintaining that presence however, will become very crucial in the years to come. 

Paid promotions are going to take over the organic approach in the days to come. It is going to be extremely challenging for the brands to leave an impact considering the competition is going to immense, we are observing an increasing trend on how brands are planning their marketing spends and shifting budgets from the traditional from to the savvy digital form of advertising.

It would be important for brands to resort to paid advertising to have an edge over the competition. And with advanced targeting options provided through Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest & Twitter, your message would be communicated to your exact target audience.

We say, this media has come bearing gifts & the time is ripe - Go for it!

Faisal Amin is the co-founder FruitBowl Digital, a full service Digital Media Agency which was established with the motto of 'Survival of the Freshest'. A few of the accounts they manage are - Mumbai Metro, Zodiac, Vadilal, Reliance Energy, Welspun.

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