Skydivers capture amazing moments as they float above the clouds in spectacular Sony ad

Thursday, 2 January 2014 - 10:33pm IST Updated: Thursday, 2 January 2014 - 9:44pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA Web Team

The first thought that pops into our mind is that its a FAKE video. But in reality, the video is 100% genuine and not a work of computer graphics.

This one-minute advert, shot for Sony, shows A7R lens changed mid air during a skydive, is not at all fake and was actually filmed at the Skydive Nagambie in Victoria, Australia, featuring performers Jaak Saega, Simon DiSiascio, Simon Chaberka, Adam Long and Rob Douthat.

Filmed by Simon Hammond and Cutting Edge, the one-minute video actually took nine minutes, one minute to record each jump from 2-3 different angels, and over two days to shoot.

Director Jeff Gaunt told the Daily Mail, 'We actually won't even be able to see the actors when we are shooting, mainly because they're going to be about 15,000 feet away right up there in the sky.'
Shot at 125 frames per second, the skydivers look to be floating in the air. The team of highly-skilled skydivers practised the shots several times to work out exactly what they needed.
Rob Douthat, one of the Aerial DOPs for the commercial, in an interview with ISO 1200 (Photography magazine) said, "I have been pretty amused at the comments on the A7R skydive commercial. The BTS Vimeo link gives some of it away. I laugh my guts out at the armchair experts who speculate what is "FAKE". You don't see every trick of the skydiving cinematographer trade and the multiple times we shot different views so the haters will never be satisfied . And to be truthful I'm not overly worried either… When you use the best people for the job you can do amazing things."

Rob had also done the stunts himself before training the actors for the same. "I actually did 3 test jumps the week prior changing a camera lens while in free fall so I can tell you 100% for sure it can be done," he added.  


Cutting Edge uploaded Behind-the-scenes of the advert for the viewers.


Inputs from: Daily Mail, ISO 1200, Petapixal

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