Rare fossilised feces of dinosaurs found in Madhya Pradesh

Monday, 14 July 2014 - 4:16pm IST | Place: Indore | Agency: PTI

Paleontologists have found about six crore-year-old rare fossilised feces of dinosaurs in Madhya Pradesh's Narmada valley which may unravel some facts about the food habits of this extinct animal, say experts. "We have recently found fossilised feces of dinosaurs along with its bones during excavation in Umarban area near famous tourist spot Mandu in Dhar district. These fossils are about six crore years old," paleontologist Vishal Verma, who has been working in the Narmada valley for last two decades, told PTI today.

Though dinosaur's bones and eggs have earlier also been discovered in the Narmada valley, but its fossilised feces have been found for the first time in this geographical region, Verma said. The fossilised feces are scientifically termed as 'coprolite', he said. As per estimates, the fossilised feces discovered in the area are of the last generation of this extinct animal in India, he said. "This was the last generation of the dinosaurs, which, while battling the adverse geographical changes, was able to survive for a long time.

The severe volcanic explosions which occurred around six crore years back had led to the extinction of the last generation of dinosaurs in India," Verma said. These fossilised feces would be preserved in the National Dinosaur Fossil Park, situated in Bagh area of Dhar district, he said. Noted paleontologist Ashok Sahni, who has been helping the Madhya Pradesh government in the setting up of this park, said, "This discovery is of great significance at the global level for paleontological study." An extensive study of these fossils could throw light upon the food habits of the dinosaurs and their digestive system, Sahni said. The Pisdura village in Maharashtra has already attracted the attention of scientists the world over for the discovery of a large quantity of fossilised feces of dinosaurs in that area, he added

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