Pune-based firm develops an innovative Lok Sabha 2014 online game

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 - 8:53am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

Pune-based game developing company has launched an online polling game before the Lok Sabha elections 2014.
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Pune: With elections on the horizon and polling making the headlines every other day, parties are trying every trick in the book to please voters. Now, there is another innovative poll brewing in cyber space. An innovative online game is making its way on to every computer screen and its timing could not have been more perfect, just before the Lok Sabha elections 2014

The game website

As you open the www.merapmkaun2014.in website caricatures of Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi jump about on the either sides of the Prime Minister’s chair while caricatures of Arvind Kejriwal, Jayalalitha, Mamata Banerjee, the ‘others’ grace the lower half of the screen.  All, of course eyeing the coveted Chair. The viewer is presented with a socio-political-economic issue in the form of a hot burning ball of fire and the viewer in this case dubbed as the voter throws the ball of fire into the already warm laps of the candidate who might handle it.

Speaking about what inspired him to make MeraPMkaun2014, Parag Mankeekar, Director Neeti Solutions, said, “The internet and mobile is a vast medium and we want to use it for good gaming that highlights socal issues, politics and environmental causes.”

The intent

The game offers to capture the perception of people about the ‘burning’ issues of India and who they trust the most to deal with them. At the end of the short game a quick info-graphic informs the ‘voter’ who is most suitable for the chair and what the aggregate of others opinion is. An interesting feature is that since each player is made to enter their sex, age group and location the game has analytics engineered into it.

Social platform

One of out of every 3 individuals in India is net savvy who likes, shares and retweets and more over is not shy of being opinionated. The game offers netizens an avenue to give issues that affect them a second thought but this time also think about the potential neta who’d be able to resolve it. The website then tells you what the rest of the society thinks and where you stand.

The Audience

The game claims to empower young voters who might just be oblivious to the political tandav but would simply like to put an issue to rest, so they could make an informed decision about the prime ministerial candidate. Consolidated results of the players and analysis by sex , age and location would rouse the interest of political parties as well for patterns and trends emanating out of  the game.

Amit Raut, US based techie Said, “The game is short and fun. In a really succinct way it makes you slightly more aware of the different factors we should really be looking at before we punch in our votes.”

NRI Cards

Being online means almost anyone anywhere could access it giving non residential Indians an opportunity to participate in expressing opinions and choices about the Maha-bharat 2014.


The medium here is the message, the game is built on the premises of informing the uninformed but more importantly the fact that it is online and more than 3000 players have played it within it’s first hour speaks volume of the new age Indian. Tech savvy – opinionated – plugged in.


Quick facts

Game site : www.merapmkaun2014.in

Time to play : 5-10 minutes

Outcome: Analytics & infograph of your opinions




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