Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines

Monday, 9 June 2014 - 5:03am IST | Agency: dna

What is this all about?

This is a film about the scientific and cultural resurgence of psychedelics as medicines that was crowdfunded on This film dares to break the taboo surrounding psychedelic medicines, by examining and revealing their proven potential to heal and alleviate suffering on a global scale. The amount of information available today on the subject is scarce and is not widespread and ,therefore, people funded this project to get an informed opinion to make informed choices.

Why is this film special?

We live in an age where a film like Neurons to Nirvana, on an extremely controversial topic, has a chance to be seen because it is powered and shared by the people. The fact that people are having the option to create material based on their interest, regardless of mainstream support, is something absolutely profound.

How can I watch it?

If you find yourself in a location where a screening is happening just grab the oppertunity. If not, you can get it either to stream, download or buy the dvd from It is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

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