Leaked images hint to Nokia-Android 'Normandy' prototype

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 - 4:30pm IST | Agency: ANI

As the speculations surrounding a possible Android-running Nokia handset intensify, recently leaked images of a prototype reportedly signal to the rumours soon becoming a reality.

The images are of an 'engineering prototype', codenamed Normandy, were retweeted by @evleaks, and provide a visual proof that the anticipated project has not been scrapped.

According to PC World, another website circulated a second supposed image of the Normandy phone around Chinese social media, which actually showed the OS in action.

The report said that having an Android device by Nokia-owner Microsoft could help the software maker find a way into the highly-valuable low-end developing market with a cheap, forked version of Android that runs Microsoft properties like Skype, Bing, and Outlook.

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