GSAT-14 communication satellite's second orbit raising operation completed

Wednesday, 8 January 2014 - 10:19am IST | Agency: ANI

The second orbit raising operation of the GSAT-14 communication satellite has been completed successfully with the firing of the Apogee Motor for 2,629 seconds.

The satellite has been put into an orbit having a Perigee or nearest point to the Earth at 32,160 km and apogee or farthest point to the Earth at 35,745 km, with an inclination of 0.6 degrees.

The first orbit raising operation of GSAT-14 was successfully carried out on January 6.

The remaining and last orbit raising operations will be done on Thursday to place the satellite in geo-stationary orbit.

The solar panels of the satellite were deployed as planned, immediately after the launch.

The satellite health has been found normal.

The success of indigenously developed cryogenic engine will help India launch heavier communication satellites from within the country in future as it provides greater thrust for every kilogram of propellant.

This will save valuable foreign exchange and drastically reduce the cost of launch. 

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