Google readies upgraded Glass for trade-in programme

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 - 3:23pm IST | Agency: ANI

Google is reportedly set to offer the upgraded version of its Google Glass allowing users a one-time option to trade in their old Glass units in exchange for the new one.

The hi-tech wearable computing gadget has not been rolled out to the general public and is limited to a set number of Glass Explorers.

In November, the search giant had announced that it would give the existing owners a change to upgrade to the new model and if they agreed, the company would reserve a spot in line for the upgrade, Mashable reports.

According to the report, the upgraded Google Glass seems identical to the old one and is available in the same colors, but it is faster and more durable and users would also be able to easily adapt to the new model with yet-to-be-launched prescription frames.

The new Google Glass would also include a removable earbud for better audio quality.

Google said that the users who signed up for the programmes could expect the new model three to five days later and they also have the option to switch the color of Glass while upgrading.

The controversial yet highly-anticipated eyewear is expected to be rolled publicly in 2014, the report added.

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