Flappy Bird clone 'Flappy Bert' latest to pacify game lovers

Friday, 14 February 2014 - 5:02pm IST | Agency: ANI

Soon after the original Flappy Bird was pulled down by its creator, a lot of clones of the game mushroomed in the app stores, the latest being 'Flappy Bert.'

Sesame Street's Flappy Bert is a similar game with Mario-inspired pipes, only change being the bird, which is latched onto Bert's head and he is the one who is pulling it across town.

According to Tech Hive, each time a user gets past a pipe, Bert lets out his iconic machine gun laughter and if one crashes, he cries out for his best buddy, Ernie.

Flappy Bert was written in HTML 5, which means it could work across any device with a modern browser and works especially well on touch devices but traditional PCs can play too.

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