Digital photo albums, destroying the culture of hard copy photo albums

Monday, 31 March 2014 - 6:48pm IST | Agency: dna

Photos are undoubtedly a tangible proof of various events in life, and they also weave memories. Each photograph has a story to tell, a story that is to be cherished and which lives forever. Photographs are normally captured with an agenda to freeze the moment and relive those times. Capturing moments is a passion for almost everyone. Some like being in front of the lens, while others prefer to stay behind it. Photographs are an integral part of our lives.

With the advent of technology, photo-albums are normally on the computer or online. Nobody makes a physical photo album these days, unless it is the wedding album. Physical copies of an album do have a tendency to fade away, on the contrary albums that have been made digitally, have a long shelf life. Crashing of system or losing of album is unlikely as there are many ways to secure the data. With all this, photo albums still have a different charm attached to it.

When reels were used, one had limited photographs, but most time was spent having fun and not clicking. Whereas now it has zeroed down to click and share. Do you remember any outing where you have had just fun and may be clicked just one picture? This is a very rare situation, as its close to impossible. Now a days capturing a moment is reciprocal to posting a photograph of it on a social networking site.

The only time we visit a photo lab to get photos developed is when you require a passport size photo for a document submission. Nobody would agree less to this.

What the local residents think about it ?
Mohammed Junaid, Vashi
Photo albums have a special place in my life as they help me treasure my sweet memories, as compared to electronic media. According to me physical photo albums are a cut above the digital albums as they do not require electricity as a support system. One can go through the memory lane at anytime of the day, though it consumes space, I think it is worth the investment.

Debarati Dutta, Vashi
I believe the digital photos as they are good and long lasting, but I personally prefer photo albums. I can relate more to a crisp paper than lit up screen. In the age of social networking sites and online photo saving apps, I would always go for an album. I also have a hand made album with a collection of all my friends and family pictures. Viewing this album makes my happiness palpable.

Shankar Menon, Koparkharaine
It usually was a moment to cherish when we used to pull out the albums from the cupboard and our family used to gather around. That used to be our way to pass time together, we called it family time. Such things don't take place now due to digital photographs.

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