Defcon comes to India with Defcon Kerala 2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014 - 7:42pm IST | Agency: dna Shadow Editorial Board

India has a significantly large Internet infrastructure but when it comes to securing that infrastructure, it is not equipped to handle the cyber threats in the wild today.

EC Council's report, Talent Crisis in Indian Information Security, revealed major gaps in present day skill situation concerning IT security, which can impact handling of cyber threats in industries such as banking, defence, healthcare, information, energy, etc.

Defcon Kerala 2014 is a convention for individuals involved in computer security to come together and spread knowledge to build the cyber security community in India. The one-day event scheduled for 8th March 2014 will comprise of highly technical training, talks, workshops, exhibitions and CTFs (Capture the Flag, a hacking game).

Defcon Kerala is a convention by the group of the same name (DC0497) which is a Defcon USA Registered group for promoting and demonstrating research and development in the field of Information Security. Defcon is one of the world’s largest annual computer hacker conventions, held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first DEFCON took place in June 1993. Many of the attendees at Defcon include computer security professionals, journalists, lawyers, federal government employees, crackers, security researchers, and hackers with a general interest in computer code, computer architecture, phone phreaking, hardware modification, and anything else that can be “hacked”.

Ajin is the Chief Architect & Organizer of Defcon Kerala. He is founder of OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework Project and has been a speaker at national and international security conferences including OHM, Toorcon, Club Hack and Ground Zero Summit.

Defcon Kerala is a platform for security analysts, ethical hackers, professionals and students to present their technical research papers and showcase their skills. 

Some of the highlights of Defcon Kerala 2014 include:

Technical Talks: 15 purely technical talks to entertain you. Defcon Kerala has a tradition of keeping talks 100% technical.

Networking: DEFCON Kerala will be a platform for niche networking. Meet your favourite security rockstars and have a conversation.

Defkthon CTF: DEFKTHON is Defcon's trademark CTF. This time its online.

HackSpace: HackSpace is exclusively for Hardware Freaks. You will find some cool Hardware Hacks to tryout at home.

Priced between 800 and 1100 INR, it is significantly cheaper than most security conferences. Definitely worth a shot if you can make it to the location.

If you do visit, share your experience here in the comments section or tweet at me.

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