'Chakra View' a gaming way to help increase awareness about the farmer problems in India

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 - 4:18pm IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

Experience the life of a farmer in the virtual world and help the real world be a better place for them.
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Most of the times when we do not understand another's problem it is primarily because we have not experienced it ourselves. In today's day and time when hundreds are on their way to success, millions of farmers are choosing to end their lives. Shielded in the comfort of our homes, we have absolutely no idea why the farmer suicide numbers are soaring. We have our speculations, we read the news and make assumptions, but in reality we are clueless of the actual reason. This is where Neeti Solutions, a socially driven software company steps in. They bring to you, 'Chakra View',  an online game that will help you understand the stark reality of a farmers life.  

What is the game about?

The game takes you through a farmers live, culture, traditions, rituals, government, habitat included and gives you a 'real-live' experience. Made with the intention of solving the farmer suicide problems, the game gives you a hand on experience in dealing with their everyday complications like cropping strategies with a limited resource base and deciding crop patterns among many other things. It lets you live the life of the farmer after weather conditions hit them and feel the pain and pressure of the debt that you get overloaded with. And if this was not enough, the medical expenses and marriage burden overloads the already loaded debt you had on your shoulders. Parag Mankeekar on of the makers of this game said,

"Livelihood games are a new domain in India, however they are the best ways to put across crucial matters to the urban crowd.". It makes the individual more sensitive, he added. 

Why should you play the game?

Even before beginning to solve a problem using all the education that you ever had, it is important to understand the problem and feel the pain behind it. Without this, the solution may not be full-proof. Maneekar said,

"The game lets you experience what you need to know."

He also added that the game acts as a learning experience for you as well just in-case you plan on working around his field in the future. And even if you do not, the experiences are and feel so real that they become life experiences to help you make better decisions no matter what you do. 

Experiences in the game

While playing the game you are all set to experience everything from, deciding what crops to grow to providing two meals for your family, sickness of a family member, your daughters marriage, not to forget bearing the daily expenditures as well. The pressure during the game feels so real that you might just forget that it is in reality a virtual world. 

The social media today is available and accessible by all those people who are capable of solving a problem like this. The main idea behind the game is to spread awareness and use the social media platform for something fruitful. There will soon be some more versions of the game where in you could play as a farmer from anywhere across the globe. There are also several other games like those of global warming, climate change and other social issues as well. 

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