Bummer: Google's Gideon Sundback innovation does not work in all browsers

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 - 5:03pm IST Updated: Tuesday, 24 April 2012 - 7:23pm IST | Agency: DNA
The interactive zipper designed to honour Gideon Sundback on his 132nd birthday fails to work in different browsers.

As a tradition, Google came up with an exceptionally interactive doodle on Tuesday to commemorate the 132nd birthday of the zipper man, Gideon Sundback (the man who designed a zipper).

A giant zipper runs vertically across the centre of the screen, which can be unzipped by dragging the zip with your cursor to split the screen into two parts and unveil search results for 'Gideon Sundback'.

You'd wonder if Google could ever go wrong with its doodle. But here's catch. The zipper fails to work in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Clicking on the zip or trying to drag it fails to yield any interactive result. Instead, one click leads you directly to the search result of the words 'Gideon Sundback'.

In most cases, it is not compatible with the Firefox browser either. Upon unzipping the homepage, the page turns blank.

Shockingly, in few cases, this was also observed in Google's own browser Google Chrome.

While this could be taken as Google's strategy to push its own browser, one would fail to understand why such a result is seen in some Google Chrome browsers. Google chrome is seen as one of the best alternative to Internet Explorer.

Google is famous for its daily doodles that mark certain events and holidays. Google also designs doodles for specific country's browsers to mark festivals, prominent events of the nation. These have earned nothing less than "wow" from internet users.

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