BlackBerry upgrades Android, iOS management platform

Wednesday, 4 December 2013 - 3:53pm IST | Agency: ANI

BlackBerry has reportedly upgraded the management platform Enterprise Server 10 (BES10) for managing Android and iOS smartphones by adding more features and lowering overall costs.

The sinking smartphone manufacturer has upgraded its BES10 in a bid to renew its focus on the enterprise market.

According to PC World, BlackBerry has enhanced the platform with a version 10.2 to make it more competitive by extending its cross-platform support.

The report said that enterprises can now activate iOS and Android-based devices using ‘true BYOD mode’ where management is confined to the Secure Work Space container only.

BlackBerry said that this feature is a good fit for environments where full mobile device management control for iOS and Android devices is not preferred.

The company has also worked to improve BES scalability as the new version can support 100,000 devices per domain, with any mix of BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices, reducing the number of servers and resources required for large scale deployments, which, in turn, lowers costs.

BlackBerry has also added a self-service portal that allows users to perform device management tasks on their own, which could result in fewer calls to IT, the report added.

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