Best Twitter reactions to Facebook-Whatsapp shocker deal

Thursday, 20 February 2014 - 3:28pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA Web Team

Facebook on Thursday bought messaging service WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion. While the initial reaction to the shocker deal was a drop in FB stock, Twitter exploded with reactions from all over the world. The tweets ranged from expressing concern over privacy aspect on social media here on to tweeple sharing the success story of Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton, who was turned down by both Facebook and Twitter. Here are some tweets that will get you laughing:

So #WhatsApp worth nearly as much as the entire Cyprus economy? Facebook could have bailed out #Cyprus instead

— Nassos Stylianou (@nassos_) February 20, 2014

On $16 billion Facebook has just spent on #WhatsApp, Zuckerberg could bailout Ukraine.

— Russian Market (@russian_market) February 19, 2014

Facebook is like an evil parent that keeps finding the new hiding place for your diary. #WhatsApp

— Shannon Self (@self24) February 19, 2014

Every marketing person in the Valley is questioning their career choice right now. #Whatsapp

— Hong Quan (@Quan) February 19, 2014

#Facebook's acquisition of #WhatsApp is an aggressive move to get control of a potential billion daily active user communications network.

— Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) February 19, 2014

Facebook is a fascinating, expensive lesson in building complexity only to then buy simplicity. $FB #whatsapp

— Sameer Patel (@SameerPatel) February 19, 2014

Facebook buying #WhatsApp for 16 billion dollars but somehow we still don't have enough money to feed all the children starving in the world

— Rofl Gandu (@RoflGandu) February 20, 2014

Of course, #Facebook could have just bought USD16bn worth of Greek bonds and called itself a Bank… | #WhatsApp

— Constantin Gurdgiev (@GTCost) February 19, 2014

Hey there! I am using your life. (Mark Zuckerberg) #WhatsApp

— le mauvais-garçon (@_Cuchulainn) February 19, 2014

I wonder what would happen if 450 million WhatApp users would press uninstall now, shortest lived investment ever i gues #WhatsApp #Facebook

— Maarten Boone (RCX) (@staatsgeheim) February 19, 2014

$16B How-to: 1. make an app that does something better than fb 2. Let them try replicate and fail 3. wait for your call from Zuck #WhatsApp

— Vincent Stoessel (@vinny2020) February 20, 2014

Facebook bought #Whatsapp ... Please be checking the security settings now...too many scandals are about to break out. Damn!

— Hemanth Kumar C R (@crhemanth) February 20, 2014

biggest concern on #whatsapp going to #facebook is that they will get access to mobile number and address book.

— Priyanka Joshi (@PriyankaJoSays) February 20, 2014

I have a second gen iPad and a coffeemaker if Facebook wants to swing by later, I’m willing to part w/ them for an even $500 mil #WhatsApp

— David Seaman (@d_seaman) February 20, 2014

#Facebook buys #Whatsapp for $19bn; may rename it WhatsappaYourFacebook.

— mrbrown (@mrbrown) February 20, 2014

So #Facebook just 'friended' #WhatsApp... Wonder what #Google is 'searching' now? Will #Twitter 'tweet' some interest?

— Amit Paranjape (@aparanjape) February 20, 2014

Hope @twitter is now seriously thinking of supporting one-to-many / many-to-many DM interactions! #Facebook #WhatsApp

— Amit Paranjape (@aparanjape) February 20, 2014

FB shops WhatsApp! Good move as per Forbes considering WhatsApp message volume and growth rate #Facebook #WhatsApp

— Ajith Edassery (@edassery) February 20, 2014

#Facebook buys #Whatsapp for $19 billion. NASA's budget for 2014 is $17 billion. Price of last three US Navy warships was $15.2 billion

— Faith M. Karimi (@faithcnn) February 20, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook, Instagram and #WhatsApp . Basically, he now has more information than NSA, RAW & ISI combined.

— Sir Alok Nath (@imsujitagrawal) February 20, 2014

Have been hearing for a long time that #Whatsapp was hurting the growth of #Facebook - now they fixed it, for a price though

— BG Mahesh (@bgmahesh) February 20, 2014

And what do you think #WhatsApp will turn into now? Privacy Outcry? Ads? Desktop Integration?

— Nirav Sanghavi (@nirav) February 20, 2014

The big news for today is that #WhatsApp has been bought over by Facebook. Wait till they start calling it WTFapp!

— Veejay Sai (@veejaysai) February 20, 2014

#WhatsApp was a real threat: Only company in line to hit #Facebook scale in 12-18 months and only one that beats $FCBK at DAU/MAU.

— Sangeet Paul C (@sanguit) February 20, 2014

Was about to pay for #whatsapp after the first year.. After this Facebook acquisition, I am little hesitant.. Wait for policy changes?

— Archana K B (@archonline) February 20, 2014

450M users, 1$/user/year revenue, user base doubles every 9 months. That's 17B revenue in < 4 years. Not so crazy after all. #WhatsApp

— Ivo Jansch (@ijansch) February 20, 2014

Facebook buys Whatsapp..I hope i don't get candy crush invites on #WhatsApp now..

— kumar ashu || 20K ? (@thattdesikid) February 20, 2014

Waking up to the news that Mark Zuckerburg now owns all your nudes. Again. #whatsapp

— Rob Forbes (@RobForbesDJ) February 20, 2014

Every step you take, every move you make facebook is watching you #whatsapp #facebook

— vester71 (@vester71) February 20, 2014

#WhatsApp Facebook to buy messaging app WhatsApp for $19 So are we all ditching #WhatsApp now?

— ?MaDiha? (@OyeDia_55) February 20, 2014

The whole #facebook #WhatsApp acquisition is making me wonder what will happen to user privacy in the long run! :/

— ZeeTalks (@zoya_altaf) February 20, 2014

No matter what people say, don't give up on your dream if you think no one else has thought of it #WhatsApp #Facebook

— Bryan Russell (@mrbryanrussell) February 20, 2014

What? #FB paid #USD16Bn for #WhatsApp? Kharidne ki zarurat kya thi, Free down-load kar lete. LoL :-)).

— vijay thakkar (@vikingthakkar) February 20, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg owns Instagram, #Whatsapp & Facebook. Thus, he now controls almost all of everyone's online social life. A true mastermind.

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) February 20, 2014

Facebook Now Officially Owns Everything That Drains Out Our Phone's Battery. #WhatsApp

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) February 20, 2014

This thought scares the life outta me if our chats on #WhatsApp is publicly displayed and showed in facebook's news feeds.

— Riddhi Parmar (@Acute_Angelic) February 20, 2014

The beauty of #WhatsApp was its simple interface and no Ads. Goodbye to #WhatsApp very soon.

— Mufflerwala! (@ArvindFakerywal) February 20, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook, Instagram and #WhatsApp . Basically, he now has more information than NSA, RAW & ISI combined.

— Sir Alok Nath (@imsujitagrawal) February 20, 2014

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