Apple iPhone 5S: Here's what to expect

Monday, 12 August 2013 - 6:44pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: BGR India

Ever since Apple purchased biometric security firm AutheTec, word on the street has been that the next iPhone will have a finger print scanner.

Apple's iPhone launch is the most anticipated tech event of the year, and it won't be any different this time either. All Things D has already reported that Apple will host an event on September 10 to unveil the iPhone 5S and considering their track record we are inclined towards believing it. Read on to find out the new features we expect in the next iPhone.

Fingerprint scanner
Ever since Apple purchased biometric security firm AutheTec, word on the street has been that the next iPhone will have a finger print scanner.

Yesterday, there was more evidence to suggest the same and a report indicated that Apple will integrate it in the home button of the device which will have a convex sapphire glass to provide scratch resistance. Earlier, references to the fingerprint scanner were found in the fourth beta of iOS 7, which were removed in the latest version.

More colors
While the design of the phone is expected to remain the same there is talk about more color options, in particular a gold model. That would sure catch the fancy of many.

More power
Standard incremental upgrades like a newer faster A7 CPU, a more powerful GPU are expected. The screen can also be upgraded in terms of contrast, black levels or viewing angles, but a resolution bump is not expected. Apple could go for a different display technology altogether and it could possibly look at incorporating Sharp's IGZO displays.

One of the major upgrades Apple is expected to do in the iPhone 5S is the camera. Leaks have already indicated a new camera module, which could even mean the megapixel count going up to 13-megapixel. Component leaks have also indicated a dual-LED flash module. The sensor could be bigger with f/2.0 aperture, which would mean better low light photography. There is no word on whether it will have optical image stabilization or not, but we would be surprised if it does not. Apple had also mentioned that iOS 7 would support video recording at 60fps, so we expect some cool slow motion video tricks coming to the iPhone 5S. Apart from that, Apple has already implemented filters to the camera app.

Improved voice recognition
Apple could improve the microphones in the iPhone so that Siri detects human voice better and call quality and audio on videos is improved. Siri will be much improved irrespective of hardware improvements as Apple has improved it in iOS 7.

Better Battery life
We could expect a larger battery that would deliver a lot more juice than the current model. This would be needed considering iOS 7 now packs full multitasking unlike the tombstoning technique used in iOS 6.

Cheaper iPhone
The biggest feature of the new iPhone will probably be a new model dubbed the iPhone 5C. We have already seen multiple pictures of an Applesque smartphone toting a colourful polycarbonate shell. It would probably be on par with the iPhone 5 in terms of specs, but will be wildly cheaper. This model will probably replace the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S which have proven to be immensely popular in developing markets like India.

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