A smartphone controlled farm

Monday, 2 June 2014 - 9:23am IST | Agency: dna

What is this all about?
Ideally, we'd all be able to grow our own produce.One third of American households are currently growing vegetables.As people all over the world get more heath conscious, they see the need for quality. The problem is that people lack either the time or knowledge to make it happen. Many end up frustrated or do not try at all. Niwa allows busy city dwellers grow a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables right in their living room, while managing the entire process from their smartphone.

Is it easy ?
Current solutions on the market, like smart herb gardens or big hydroponic systems, areeither limited to small plants or require a fair amount of space, knowledge, and effort to maintain. niwa simplifies the process and
does most of the hard work for
you while offering a huge
flexibility in terms of what
can be grown.

How much does it cost
Niwa comes in three different models:
Niwa mini: A smaller version of Niwa.
Niwa (standard): The standard version
of Niwa. 299$/349$
Niwa Premium: Standard size but with a nice anodized aluminium poles, instead of the PVC
white ones of the other two versions — 349$ / 399$.

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