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Pune Speak Up: Stripping a strip of land

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 - 11:03am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

In the Israeli-Palestine conflict, relentless pounding of Gaza by the Israeli army has left over 1000 civilians dead including women and children. The Israeli's are bombing homes, hospitals and open spaces. dna asks readers why the world leaders are showing a casual concern on the Gaza massacre

India's national interest should be paramount...
World leaders are not silent on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The countries which are against Israel and US are making noise and expressing their concern over Israel bombing Gaza. Recently London saw a huge protest on its street against the Israel bombing civilian areas, wherein many Palestinians along with others participated. What Israel is doing is against humanity, you just cant go on killing innocent civilians. India is not completely silent on the issue. For India national interest should be paramount, we should condemn the bombing by Israel, but we should not go out of the way. Every country has its own policy and we don't have to make so much fuss about the conflict.
Major General (retd) SCN Jatar

It's surprising that the world is silent...
Israelis can do what they want to do and get away with it because unfortunately Palestine is not powerful enough to retaliate. It is unfortunate that the world is mute spectator of the military atrocities committed by the Israel army on unarmed civilians. In a similar conflict between Israel-Lebanon, wherein Israel was facing powerful Hezbollah, they foiled Israeli attack and Israel had to pay heavy price and retreat. Israel will punish anybody who try to take liberty with their security. However such a punitive action against unarmed civilians is a crime. It is surprising why the world is maintaining silence. In his recent statement, US President has said that Israel has the right to retaliate against Palestine. If you are killing unarmed civilians, what is the concept of retaliation? In case Israel continue to kill people from Gaza, the world should be ready to face unexpected retaliation from radical organizations.
Lt Gen (Retd) DB Shekatkar

We are dependent on the middle-east for oil...
Israel is a very powerful nation financially, intellectually, technologically and armed with powerful weapons. It is one of the big weapon dealers in the world. The US-Israel together form a strong alliance and who will talk against these powerful nations? If the conflict takes a serious turn, many countries including India will not be spared. The hurt sentiments growing among middle-east countries including Saudi Arabia, can take a serious turn if this conflict continues to target innocent civilians. India is totally dependent on oil supply from Saudi Arabia and other middle-east countries, if that stops, India will be one of the big sufferers. So India's stance to this issue in Gaza should be very diplomatic and we should tread cautiously.
Sanjay Nahar, Founder President, Sarhad

Being mum over this issue is a crime...
Both Israel and US are economically powerful nations, and other countries will not say anything against them fearing disturbing such economic relationship. Especially US is silent over the issue and it is very surprising. Even a neutral body like the United Nation is also silent and it shows that UN is also being influenced by some powerful nations. Those who are dying in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict are unarmed innocent civilians and it should be a big concern to the whole world. What is happening in Gaza can happen in any country in the world. India, which now boasts of being a leading country in Asia, has to react to the killings of innocent Gaza civilians. World leaders should understand that war is not a solution to any problem. Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said that there is no way towards peace, because peace is the way. Being a mute spectator to what is going on in Gaza, is a crime.
Asim Sarode, Human Rights Activist

Israel has powerful lobbies in US and Europe...
There is lot of international politics in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel as a matter of fact has always been an underdog and because of their stubborn nature, have survived on their own being surrounded by opponents from all sides. Unfortunately there are many factors that are involved in the present conflict. Israel is backed by developed communities, which has put Israel in its present place after the world war. Israel has a tremendous lobby in US and Europe, which are supporting them. However, there is certain amount of Hamas stubbornness also, that sympathy is not with them, but on humanitarian ground, innocent people are suffering.
Major Gen (retd) Shashikant Pitre

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