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Pre-monsoon showers hit Pune; Punites fall prey to it's ill effects

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 - 7:30am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

Punekars have already been affected by ailments like diarrhoea, viral fever et al
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Pune: Even as Punekars are enjoying the sudden drop in temperature, thanks to the pre-monsoon showers, the doctors have a word of caution. 

Even though the monsoons have not yet begun, city residents have already started falling prey to its ill effects. 
Dr Avinash Bhondwe, a physician practicing in the Shivaji Nagar area, says, “The most common complaints during this time of the year are viral infections which typically have symptoms like fever, body ache and a runny nose. Many cases of diarrhea are also reported. There is also a risk of getting gastro-intestinal infections such as dysentery, especially if people eat out too often or if the food is contaminated.” 
Doctors are also worried about vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue fever. In fact, the figures of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) are already indicating an upward trend in the number of malaria and dengue. 
“Keep your surroundings clean and dry, don’t let water stagnate and even garbage to avoid vector-borne illnesses,” advices Dr Bhondwe, adding, “Eat right, take ample rest and follow basic hygiene.” 
Experts warn against visiting crowded places. 
Dr Vijay Warad, as a pediatrician and allergist, says, “As the indoor air is not filtered, infections of lower respiratory, throat, eye and the lungs are common at this time of the year. To avoid these infections, one should frequently wash hands, clean the bathrooms with disinfectants, use vacuum cleaners, and allow sunlight to enter the house. More importantly, people tend to ignore the regular cleaning of the AC filter.”
Dr Barnali Bhattacharya, a consultant in pediatrics asthma, says, “To avoid fungal growth in damp places of the house, one should regularly check for leakages and keep the house as dry as possible. Pests, which are the main source for spreading infections tend to grow in rainy season. Skin infections can happen due to fungal growth which 
can grow in joint areas such as elbows, behind the knees etc. 
So it is necessary to keep these parts clean and dry and disinfected.”
Persistent fever, weakness, muscle pain and chest congestion, lasting beyond a couple of days, require doctor’s attention and should not be ignored.

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