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IT professionals suffer most muscle disorders

Wednesday, 6 August 2014 - 10:44am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

Pune: Long working hours, sitting in front of a computer/laptop continuously and irregular lifestyle are familiar with most of the IT professionals and their lifestyle. These are some probable reasons why 93 per cent of the IT professionals in the city suffer with Work related Musculoskeletal Disorders or better know as WMSD, according to a survey conducted by Spinalogy Clinic.

In this survey, the job history, working hours, method of work and musculoskeletal complaints of 2156 individuals working in various IT giants of the city were studied. The results concluded that the professionals did not just have musculoskeletal disorders, but the productivity reduced causing mental stress at work and home.
Musculoskeletal disorders usually affect the joints and muscles in limbs, back and the neck.
"Approximately 35 per cent of the lot took one day leave every month because of musculoskeletal pains. The situation is of concern as the study was done in the younger lot, between the age of 25 and 40," said Dr Kiran Shete, Founder Medical Director, Spinalogy Clinic.
Among the ones studied, women were found to be more prone to WMSD. "Women work at home as well, the prevalence of WMSD is high in them and 48 per cent of them showed pains in more than two regions. 61 per cent of the lot showed neck related disorders, 48 per cent showed lower back related problems and 14 per cent had wrist related problems," added Shete.
While the major reason for the IT groups to be affected from WMSD was the prolonged time period sitting in front of the computer and the traveling of long distances everyday. Shete further said, "Many of the companies did not have a work station fit for the employees. The chair seating, the distance between the laptop and chair, the height of the chair and the angle at which the chair is kept, all matters when WMSD is considered." The clinic will further investigate how companies can make their work stations employee friendly.

Extent of pain
93 per cent of the IT professionals suffered from Work related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD).
48 per cent had pains in more than one region of the body.
Neck pain (61 per cent) was the most common, followed by lower back (48 per cent) and shoulder/wrist pain (12 per cent).
90 per cent of the sufferers used pain relievers, sprays and medicines instead of immediate medical attention.
35 per cent remained absent at least for a day due to WMSD.

Prevent WMSD
Do not use a fixed chair, use an ergometric chair to keep your body movements flexible and constant.
Seek medical attention instantly, do not ignore and use sprays and medicines for temporary relief.
Keep the back straight when working on a computer, do not slouch.
A minimum of a hand distance should be kept between the laptop/computer and chair to avoid any pain, do not keep the distance too short.
Exercise regularly including stretching of muscles.
Adopt a healthy lifestyle, sleep enough and eat well.

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