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ISL goals it like IPL

Saturday, 26 July 2014 - 11:38am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

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Indian Super League's (ISL), which has got a mix of all glamour, prime time telecast and international players. dna asks its readers that will all these factors bring the popularity to this beautiful game like the Indian Premiere League (IPL)

It will act as a boost for the game

This league will take Indian football to new heights and with six of the ten, I-league team contributing in one way or the other, it is a clear indication that most of them are for the league. There are some teams which could not make it, but there has been good support from most of the players, owners, which is good sign for the league. There will be outside support from Pune FC and Bangeluru FC who could not meet to the deadline. We will definitely see the Pune FC players in the next season. What I like about the whole concept is the fact that IMG Reliance are looking at promoting youngsters and nipping the budding talent at the grassroot. This league will help to boost the Indian football and will also be a financial support for the Indians which has never been in the past.
Kaushal Das, secretary All India Football federation

ISL has mix of all
The Indian Super League has all the ingredients needed to make it a big game and to attract people. It has the infrastructure, it has celebrities, prime time television and world around exposure. What it needs to make sure is it delivers quality. However for it to be big and as good as say cricket, time needs to be given to the game. Moreover it also depends on the youth of the country and how they absorb the sport. There are local football teams that are putting in resources and doing their best to attract as much fan following as possible but it will definitely take some time. Investment of finances and resources is a huge factor here. There is a process that is involved, a process that moves from inquisitiveness to following and football in India is in that process right now. The ISL is sure to fasten it a little maybe, add glamour and experience to the game and take it to the next level.
Henry Menezes, Former International Player and CEO of Western Indian Football Club

ISL will male Indian popularise Indian players
I doubt if the Indian Super League (ISL) will do the same for football in India as IPL did to cricket. The success of football in India will depend on the kind of attraction it will get and how it will help those playing at the ground level in the country. Football in India is unlike cricket, here the faces that play football are not known to the populace. We still don't know who are our top football players. ISL will definitely bring a visibility and Indian football players will be known to people. However I doubt if ISL will help in the games development, unless it moves further and affects grass level football programmes in India. Just an ISL cannot generate much of appetite for football. Unless we dont have known faces from international football, I doubt if ISL can sustain for long. When there are 4 foreign players playing with Indian players, I am surprised how the chemistry on the ground will match and how the gap can be filled. Football is different from Cricket, in the sense it is a contact sports. It is not right to compare ISL with IPL, because the IPL is more entertainment than sports and I doubt if the same format can be adopted for football.
Shirish Kulkarni, President, DSK Shivaji Football Club

International player will attract crowd
Definitely ISL will help football in India, to not only make it popular but also help our players in knowing what are the real demands at the international level. When Indian football players will play shoulder to shoulder with international players from football playing countries from the world, they will obviously benefit in terms of learning there strengths and weaknesses. It will be a big opportunity for Indian football players. However, much will depend upon which international players we will bringing to India to play in ISL. If these players have played world cup and other international tournaments, then it is going to make a difference to attract crowd to football in India. There was not much football happening in India, but in the last years and with the recent world cup, the craze has dramatically increased. Going with the same wave of craze, it will depend on how we project ISL to the people of India.
Jerry Das, Coach, VOBA, Football Team

ISL is a welcome event
There is a definite improvement in the support for the game post the Indian Super League. A lot of money will be invested into the game which might just help change the ace of it in India. There will be greater exposure for the players because of international players who will be a part of the game and the this will act as a boost for the local players. It will take time to get as big as cricket but it will happen. However, I sincerely hope that it does not turn into another IPL. Money should not become the main focus of the game. I train children in the academy and have often seen a hesitation for football a career because it does not pay as well as cricket but with the league this might just change. In general for the last two years, things have been changing for football on the Indian front and I hope that the ISL just pushes the change further.
Atish Ganguly, Trainer and Partner at Happy Feet Football Academy

Money will attract players
It is quite possible that the Indian Super League will do for football what the IPL has done for cricket. The main reason being that it will successfully be able to spread awareness everywhere and that is the one thing that is lacking for this sport. There will be more money too that will help attract younger player and help make the base of the game stronger making its future brighter. Bt all this is only possible if the league is put forth in the best possible way. Proper marketing and more coverage will be the basic components that will help make it big.
Elic Turner, Director, Pune United Football Academy

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