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India may face drought in 2013

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 - 2:08pm IST | Place: Pune

Japanese expert says Sumatra region likely to remain hot, resulting in less rainfall.

If Japanese meteorologist Toshio Yamagata’s prediction comes true, India may face a drought-like situation with severe summers in 2013.

He made the prediction after studying the weather conditions of the Indian subcontinent. Yamagata is director of application laboratory at Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Sciences and Technology. He was in Pune to deliver a lecture on the 51st foundation day of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM).

Yamagata told DNA, “Looking at the weather conditions here, it looks like the summer will be severe in India in 2013. Due to the severe summer and less rainfall, India is likely to face a drought-like situation.”

He explained, “If Sumatra region in Indonesia is cold, then it holds less moisture and India receives good rainfall. But if Sumatra is hot, it then holds more moisture which is likely to result in low rainfall for India. On the other hand, Indonesia will receive good rain. Looking at the present conditions, Sumatra region is likely to remain hot as a result of which India is likely to get less rain. Apart from that

India is likely to face a severe summer in 2013.”

India has already received low rainfall in this year’s monsoon and various parts of the country especially Maharashtra are facing water scarcity. With severe summers next year, the water level is likely to go down further and delay in rainfall might create a drought-like situation in the state. Yamagata has termed the last decade as the decade of changes and variations. Abnormal weather conditions were experienced due to frequent climatic changes. However, it cannot be termed as a trend. Yamagata said that the Indian Ocean is becoming an important drivers of recent climate variations in the world.

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