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How difficult is it to cross at signals in Pune? We find out.

Monday, 28 April 2014 - 9:26am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

With 5-10 seconds for pedestrains in Pune to cross roads at signals, one surely needs to have superhuman powers to reach the other side safely
  • traffic-signal-pune 5-10 seconds for pedestrains in Pune to cross roads at signals Shashank Sane dna

Pune: Traffic signals always play a vital role in smooth movement of crowd on the roads. The growing city of Pune witnesses traffic congestion every day. According to the pedestrian safety instruction survey results of different chowks by Save Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM), none of the chowks have an average rating of 7.5.
This clearly indicates that all chowks are substandard in every aspect. Around 49 chowks were surveyed by the SPTM.
Team dna tried to trace the junctions which have less signal time duration or are defunct.

Perilous walk
Puneites are unaware of the fact that they are living in a unsafe zone of the traffic system, where it is almost impossible to reach your destination without taking risk. Consequence of such risks can really be fatal and could even lead to death. Unless the authority takes stringent steps to re-install the traffic signals properly, Puneites would continue to live through such a perilous traffic system.
Goodluck Chowk the 'Safest'
Pedestrian crossing signal does not work at the SwatantryanNagar Traffic signal at Aundh-Ravet road stops working at times, which makes thing difficult for the traffic police to control the junction. The traffic signal at Goodluck Cafe junction has the best rating of 8 by SPTM which makes it the safest and most convenient junction.

Place: In front of Vega Centre 
Time given to cross the road: 5 seconds 
At 15:43:45 pm in Swargate, we started crossing the road. We had just taken four steps when the signal turned red and the time read 15:43:50. The vehicles started moving speedily towards us. It was astonishing to see that only five seconds were given by the planners to cross the heavily congested road which has a width of 60 feet. 
It is impossible to cross the road within the stipulated time period.

Karve Road
Place: Ayurveda Rasashala
Time given to cross the road: 7 seconds
The signal in front of Ayurveda Rasashala allows you to cross only one fourth of the distance in a time duration of 7 seconds. At Ayurveda Rasashala Chowk, I started at 16:38:38 and the signal stopped at 16:38:45. This junction which connects four omnidirectional roads does not allow pedestrians a safe passage as the chances of in coming vehicles is very high. 
It is impossible to cross the whole road in the stipulated time period.

Karve Road
Place: Mruntynjayeshwar Mandir
Time given to cross the road: 10 seconds 
In front of the Mrutyunjayeshwar traffic signal where the time allotted was 10 seconds, we started crossing the road at 17:05:58. We had just covered one fourth of the road when the time was 17:06:08. The biggest problem here is that vehicles tresspass on the zebra crossing. The vehicles were great contributors in increasing the complications of the junction. 
It is impossible to cross the complete road in the available time. Not even half of the distance can be covered.

Ghorpade Peth
Place: Rastrabhushan chowk
Time give to cross the Road: 2 seconds 
The one at Rashtrabhusan Chowk with a very small distance to cross has a time-duration of 3 seconds. But once we started crossing the road, we could only take merely two steps and the vehicles started moving. We started at 14:44:49 and when the signal stopped the time was 14:44:51. We found hawkers near the zebra crossing trying to cross the road with their stuff. 
It is impossible to cross the road within the stipulated time.

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