Favorable User Experiences Infuse B2B Industry with Vital Power

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 - 8:10pm IST | Agency: PR Newswire

Favorable User Experiences Infuse B2B Industry with Vital Power

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Some believe that the B2C mode is rising, while B2B is declining. Nowadays, ordinary consumers become more and more important in e-commerce activities, which stir rapid development of various e-commerce modes, including B2C. Through years' development, B2B has become an indispensable bond between buyers and sellers. Influenced by the global economic depression, e-commerce platforms associated with foreign trade have faced some difficulties. However, it does not hinder the overall development of the B2B industry. A recent survey showed that many B2B e-commerce platforms have kept a stable growth in the "trade winter".

Take WeiKu.com for example, it shows the tendency that it catches up with other B2B platforms with a longer history, according to an Alexa flow chart (2010-2012). As a new emerging platform, it enjoyed a rapid traffic increase at the very start and has since turned this into stable growth. The Company believes that the traffic rise of WeiKu.com is closely related to user experience enhancements, which provides a win-win situation for both the platform and users.

Benefit Buyers and Sellers

WeiKu.com pays much attention to buyers and sellers' user experience, such as transaction security, trade efficiency and fair competition, etc. The supervisory control of suppliers' quality and quantity help improve trade safety and quality. Also, a fair product ranking system associates product ranking with such factors as suppliers' quality, integrity and trade volume and so on. Such a system keeps site search results in the natural order, strengthening fair competition of sellers and stimulating them to provide high quality products for buyers. Thus, buyers and sellers benefit from WeiKu.com.

Highlight Integrated Marketing

Based on the concept of "integrated marketing", WeiKu.com offers a customized network marketing service - "WeiKu ExportPass" - to highlight quality suppliers, giving values for suppliers and recommending qualified businesses for buyers. The customized SEM (search engine marketing) plan, comprised of such services as Golden Showroom, Golden Ranking, brand promotion and BBS marketing, etc, on the basis of enterprises' competitive strengths, aims at making high quality enterprises outstanding from massive trade information.

Improve Page User Experience

As an e-commerce online marketplace, WeiKu.com makes constant upgrades in the operation stability and convenience of user pages, such as user registration, personal account management and user page display, etc. From the view of search engine optimization, its distribution of internal and external links is natural and reasonable, which is helpful for WeiKu users' search engine exposure.

In some ways, the constant emergence and sustainable development of B2B forces, including WeiKu.com, can be seen as concrete proof of the powerful vitality of the B2B industry. As long as there is demand for business to business, the B2B mode will remain vital.

SOURCE Hangzhou WeiKu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

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