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Western Railways, Central Railways sales records smashed as fare deadline nears

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 - 6:20am IST | Agency: dna

Monday was a red-letter for both Western and Central Railways as both zones rang up season pass sales that had broken all previous records. While CR, which is the bigger of the two zones, had sold a whopping 95,385 season tickets on Monday (June 23), WR ended up with sales of 96,916. Tuesday promised to be better, with WR racking up sales of 83,458 season passes by 4pm. The kind of crowds at the windows till Tuesday evening meant that both WR and CR could go upwards of 1.2 lakh season tickets each, as per officials. The normal sales for both WR and CR is in the range of 40,000 season tickets.

Considering the massive hike in season tickets set to ring in at midnight today – in the range of 100 to 125 per cent – commuters showed a preference for yearly and half-yearly season tickets (YST and HST) with the sales on Monday on WR being 18,957 and 14,923 respectively. Of these, 5,647 YST and 3,356 HST were first class ones.

On CR, the preference for these YST and HST was even more pronounced. Against a normal sale of around 55 half-yearly season tickets in a day, Monday saw a phenomenal 11,172 half-yearly season passes being sold on CR. Against some 11-15 yearly season passes that used to get sold in a day earlier, Monday broke all records with a sale of 9,329 yearly season tickets.

On CR, the revenue, a handsome Rs7.08 crore, was 2.7 times the normal revenue CR earns in a day from selling season tickets.

"It just goes to show how steep the hike is, that people are willing to pay several thousands of rupees to buy a season pass because they will still end up saving money. The hike has been crushing and unprecedented," said commuter Manish Chaturvedi.

The numbers game on Monday:
                                                 CR           WR
Monthly season tickets sold-   56679       34173
Quarterly season ticket-          28085       28863
Half Yearly-                             11172       14923
Yearly-                                    9329         18957
Total for the day-                    95385        96916

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