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Umrao Hospital saves three jaans: Umrao sets trends with first cadaver donation

Thursday, 3 July 2014 - 6:30am IST | Agency: dna

The organ donation programme sees an upward trend with Umrao Hospital in Mira Road, a non-transplant organ retrieval centre (NTORC), successfully conducting the first of its kind cadaver donation in Mumbai.

The Maharashtra state government had invited multi-speciality hospitals with ICU and operation theatre facilities to get registered with the zonal transplant coordination committee (ZTCC) as NTORCs. The objective was to give an impetus to cadaver transplant in the state. Twenty nine hospitals had registered as NTORCs. "These hospitals were notifying brain-dead cases but none got converted into cadaver donors. Umrao Hospital's cadaver donation is a first in NTORCs in Mumbai," said Dr Sujata Patwardhan, general secretary, ZTCC.

The hospital on Tuesday informed ZTCC about a brain dead case and asked ZTCC for help. "Since this was first of its kind case for the hospital, we sent two counsellors to the hospital to speak to the family and convince them for organ donation. The counsellors spent 24 hours in which the relatives were convinced for organ donation and assisted the family and hospital with the entire procedure," said Dr Patwardhan.

The cadaver donation in Umrao Hospital gave life to an end-stage liver patient in KEM Hospital-Parel and two more end-stage kidney patients in Jaslok Hospital and Bombay Hospital. The family also donated the eyes of the brain-dead patient.

Dr Patwardhan added that the Umrao Hospital cadaver donation has given them a new ray of hope as Mumbai's cadaver donation reaches hit the 20 mark. "So far, we have had 20 cadaver donations. We hope more NTORCs have cadaver donations. Our counsellors will be helping them with counselling and preparing their staff for the same," added Dr Patwardhan. In 2013, Mumbai had only 21 cadaver donations.

The decision to have NTORCs was taken by the state's health ministry in the aftermath of the death of former chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh who had to be flown to Chennai for a transplant. He died before receiving a transplant.

The NTORCs are suppose to have a panel committee of experts that needs to certify a brain-death case in NTORCs. The presence of a brain-death case has to be then intimated to the zonal transplant coordination centre, which will inform all transplant hospitals and organs will be made available to a patient as per the waiting list.

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