Uddhav Thackeray is responsible for ensuring peace in family: Thackeray's will extracts

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 - 10:03am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Bal Thackeray’s will and the dispute that has arisen between Jaidev Thackeray and Uddhav Thackeray were first reported by dna. Jaidev has filed a petition against Uddhav’s plea to have Thackeray’s will probated. Here we publish some more crucial excerpts from the six-page will which has become the subject of a bitter family war.

4. The untimely deaths of my wife, MEENA BAL THACKERAY and of my son, BINDUMADHAV BAL THACKERAY, have been a rude shock to me. My wife was a great source of inspiration and comfort to me. She stood by me through thick and thin. her death has left a void in my life.

5. I have all love and affection for my son, JAIDEV BAL THACKERAY whom I consider to be a brilliant boy. Unfortunately, Jaidev has led a rebellious life. Several years back, Jaidev, on his own accord left ‘Matoshri’. Jaidev and his wife, Smita have divorced and Jaidev resides elsewhere with his present wife. All this has hurt me a lot and has made me decide not to leave any part of my estate to him.

6. My son, UDDHAV, has been a great source of strength to me and has always been at my side especially in times of my illness. It makes me very happy to know that UDDHAV is always concerned about me and is constantly there to take care of me. UDDHAV was also instrumental in the construction of ‘Matoshri’. It is my desire that UDDHAV live a peaceful life. I do not desire that Uddhav’s peace of mind be disturbed by bickering among my daughters-in-law (corrected and signed).  I put the responsibility on UDDHAV to ensure that peace and harmony be maintained in my family. I am confident that Uddhav will act in a responsible and mature manner and maintain cordiality in the Thackeray family.

8. I hereby GIVE, DEVISE and BEQUEATH the first floor of the bungalow, ‘Matoshri’, to my grandson, AISHVARYA, absolutely and forever. Smita shall bear the expenses of the first floor till Aishvarya becomes a major. Since Smita lives separately at JVPD Scheme, she shall not reside in Matoshri. She may, however, visit Aishvarya without objection.

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